One Year Later, Composer Keiichi Okabe Looks Back at Nier:Automata

Nier:Automata launched one year ago today. Composer Keiichi Okabe reminisces about the creation of one of 2017's most beloved soundtracks.

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SCW198212d ago

One of the best game soundtracks ever made.

Fragnum12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

This track from the first battle is so unbelievably epic.

One of my favourite OST's from a game, ever.

rlow112d ago

Thanks for the link, that was really good.

SuperSonic9112d ago

The right game at the right time

TheOptimist12d ago

Still gives me goosebumps. Best ever.

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TheOttomatic9112d ago

This man is a genius can’t wait to hear his next project.

Eiyuuou12d ago

That would be Fate/Extella Link.

I have high expectations!

rlow112d ago

Haven't played the game yet, but now i want to hear this soundtrack. I love a good videogame composition.

ShiinGlacier12d ago

do play the game, the OST complement it sooooo well. If you want to actualy have the whole experience do it.

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