5 Most Controversial Video-Games In History

May from Sirus Gaming: Video games have taken many forms, too many interpretations and if you were gaming long enough – many of them produced a lot of heated arguments not only within the gaming community but people living on Earth. Many have spoken that video games cause violence and promote murder among young adults, thus it should be part of the world’s long list of mental illnesses or are they taking it too far?

Some also believe that the stories these video games show is just an inspiration from what truly happened in the real world or are these video games their real inspiration to do these violent and atrocious act? You be the better judge of that since I will be pointing out the most Talked about video games in history.

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FallenAngel1984280d ago

It’s funny how some things that were controversial back then are widely accepted now and vice versa

279d ago
No_Pantaloons279d ago

Wow what a shit list.
Never even heard of Bonetown before. And gta 5 wasn't nearly as controversial as the very first one, like it or not everyone knows what it is, no one is shocked like they were when the series debuted. San Andreas would rank above it too if you count hot coffee.
A real list would have to include Mortal Kombat 1, Manhunt and Hatred.

PoSTedUP279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

hatred, postal, rapelay, gta. custers revenge.