Why Can't I Play My Friends In Iraq/Afghanistan On The PS3?

There's a little known yet very disappointing fact about the Playstation Network that we're going to share with you today. If you have a friend who lives in a different country, then its possible you will not be able to add them as a friend on your PS3. The reason why is that if you register your PS3 in a specific country, your Playstation Network is limited to that region. I have yet to confirm this for the rest of the world, but it is currently the case in the United States. So, if my friend from the United States registers his/her Playstation 3 while they are on tour in Iraq/Afghanistan, then I will never be able to add them as long as I'm a US resident. This is extremely disappointing, Sony.

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TheTimeDoctor3718d ago

it makes sense, psn is a private network and the US government wouldn't want to allow any message to pass between these two nations. its kind of a no brainer.

sackboy says hi3718d ago

sackboys says since when did they play ps3 were they are fighting war.... :/

LoVeRSaMa3718d ago

Its true, why would you be playing on a PS3 in Iraq/Afghanistan?

If your at war, your at war, no time to play COD 4, COD 4 in real life MENGS!

kevin11123718d ago

you think they dont play games there? trust me they do.

JsonHenry3718d ago

We do get downtime over seas you idiots.

season0073717d ago

because i play eye of judgment and i am from Hong Kong o well...and yes i use an american PSN account

incogneato3717d ago

i dont know what this guy is talking about, i play and have friends added from other countries.

DarkBlood3717d ago

though it makes sense and no sense at the same time if that was true then wouldn't our internet be limited to region if so then all the games should had been cross region by choice of course

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badz1493718d ago

the games are region free but online gaming is not region free for all games. I don't know about now but I bought AU version of Motorstorm and I can only login to AU/NZ and EU servers only which ultimately limited the chance to play with players from other region. then I bought Minna no Golf JPN version and all I can play is in JPN room with Japanese players! not that I have problem speaking Japanese but it would have been nice if we are allowed to play at the global scale which means more players and more interactions between gamers! I bought Kratos from AU PSN store and tried to apply it to the JPN version but it doesn't work! luckily it was just under AU$2 but still these things piss me off!

don't let me even start with address and credit card registration! My country is not even in the list! so how the hell would I buy things from PSN if I can't even put my address? then no PSN cards!! DAMN Sony, you can do better than this!!

Fishy Fingers3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

You seem to have a large number of gripes with the PSN, such as your address problem. Rather than moaning here at N4G have you tried moaning to Sony and see if you can get any of your problems resolved?

You'd be surprised where a little harassment can get you ;)

shine13963718d ago

I'd listen to fishy fingers... also contact the playstation blog... and I'm not sure but I think they moniter the official forums so try there as well.

SixTwoTwo3718d ago

I live in Cali and I've got friends on my friends list from all over the world including the Middle East.

BTW the link is broken.

WAR_MACHINE773718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I'm in the US and I have a couple from Europe. maybe its just specific places that have this problem.

Voozi3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Yea I scratched my head at that line too cause...

I have a couple UK friends, 1-2 AU friends, and like 10 JP friends, then rest are all from USA or Canada

(I'm from USA)

proArchy3717d ago

Link is probably broken because the article has no foundation in reality. You can add PSN users from anywhere in the world, but playing a game with them is the tricky part. Developers are given the choice whether to include cross-regional play or not. The only way Sony could address this issue is making mandatory all online games to include cross-regional play. But developers don't care for 'requirements' much.

Fishy Fingers3718d ago

Broken link and still approved?

Lumbo3718d ago

You should take a look at some of the approving accounts .. they exist solely to login and approve stories, mostly 10+ in one go .. i smell a multiple personality here ;)

shine13963718d ago

maybe it broke after it was approved?

Jackthepwnsaur3718d ago

Sony locks down the servers from becoming worldwide, except for a few games like resistance 1. this is one of the bad things about the PSN. Although Sony has a better console, they dont have a better network. IF they want to win this generation, they must keep evolving the PSN faster.

3718d ago
proArchy3717d ago

Not true, as i said before, its developer controlled. COD4/Warhawk/Battlefield:BC/So com are all international, I've played South Africans, Irish, British, Egyptian, Japanese, Indian etc. Army of Two/Hot Shots golf/UT3(as far as I know) are not international, and those were decisions made by the studio not Sony. Just trying to make sure we know where we need to direct our complaints because Sony will just say 'So what, not our problem' because its not.

Jackthepwnsaur3717d ago

thanks for telling me that, i did not know that, bubbles up.

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