Nintendo expected to overtake Microsoft in 2018

Nintendo is expected to have a larger share of the console market than Microsoft this year as the Switch continues to perform well.

Analysis from IHS Markit reveals that over $10 billion was spent globally on Xbox hardware, software and services in 2017, while spending on Nintendo products was around $8 billion. This is approximately double what the Japanese firm achieved in 2016, while Microsoft actually saw a slight year-on-year dip.

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G20WLY286d ago

Lmao dat thumbnail! 😆

uptownsoul286d ago

Things can get very interesting in 2018

naruga286d ago

though they should have showed Master Chief as MS Mascot

286d ago
Fist4achin286d ago

That is badass! I love it!

ABizzel1286d ago

Not going to happen. Late 2019 at the earliest.

Realistically speaking by this point XBO should be at a minimum of 35m units sold.

The Switch is selling extremely well and should be over 15m sold.

That's a 20m gap, which means Switch has to sell 20m units in the next 9 months while the XBO sell 0, which isn't going to happen.

That being said there is a strong chance the Switch could sell 20m units, but the XBO will go on to sell a minimum of 6m units (more than likely closer to its average 8m, with a $199 permanent price drop). Which means the Switch will still be 6m behind, and a best case scenario surpass XBO Summer 2019.

UltraNova286d ago

I guess the mighty X wasn't that...mighty afterall.

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darthv72286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

This is about $$ made in general for the year, not units sold. Just so people understand.

Moonman286d ago

Well we all know that day is coming far sooner than later too. Microsoft won't even confirm how many they have actually sold. The internet has only been guessing. lol

showtimefolks286d ago


Don't say that they always talk about numbers when they win a month or 2 in a year

Rest of the year only xblive user numbers and hours played because as you know if Xbox isn't doing better than competition than sales don't matter

Segata286d ago

in 10 months Switch sold about half as many XBO's have been sold. The Switch can easily overtake XBO sold as it's now projected to sell over 20 million this upcoming fiscal year. By end of this month, I wouldn't doubt if Switch already nears 20 million. It's the fastest selling system ever in it's the first year so far.

darthv72286d ago

@above... true, units sold is a hot topic but why not let that be discussed in articles that focus on that?

This one is about $$ in general and all companies get profits from hardware / software / services. MS may not sell the most units but they still make $$ and Nintendo is looking to make more $$ by doing the same things as MS. Nintendo should be adding in their online service this year, and that revenue adds to the overall $$ for the year.

uptownsoul286d ago

@darthv72 - "This is about $$ made in general for the year, not units sold. Just so people understand."

You are 100% correct (and for that I, for one, will give you a thumbs up)...

Having said that, the $$ made in general (console sales, game content & services combined) is more important than units sold.

RosweeSon286d ago

Which generally equates to units sold as to make the money you have to shift the units... or just continue to sell Xbox live which Microsoft are looks like the people are getting bored of yearly subscriptions for yearly churned games 😱🙌🏻 28591;🏻✌🏻Ԍ 99;🕹

darthv72286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

@Ros... "Which generally equates to units sold as to make the money you have to shift the units."

That isnt true. Units sold only amount to a small percentage of revenue because of the hardware costs involved. Even sold at a profit it is less revenue percentage than what a piece of software or membership amounts to. It's been like that for generations where more $$ is made from software than hardware. The only platform that was initially sold for profit was the 3DO and look how that turned out. The 3DO company made $$ off of software sales and licensing while the companies that made 3DO units (panasonic, goldstar, etc) sold systems at crazy high prices to recoup their investment costs.

Basically, MS, Sony and Nintendo make the bulk of their $$ from the sales of software, licensing and services while hardware bring up the rest.

indysurfn285d ago

Average the Xbox on S $250, and the Xbox one X $500 cost out, and it looks like the analyst has the console sold of each. So they should have enough information to figure out that there will be enough consoles of the SWITCH to surpass the xbox one family they are not mathematically stupid.

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Kribwalker286d ago

Big congrats to Nintendo. They put out quality hardware with the best console exclusive games, as shown with Mario and Zelda last year and continuing through this year.

They are talking about annual money spent on platforms and services with $20 billion being spent on PS4/Vita/PS3 consoles and software/services last year Vs 10 billion spent across XboxOne/Xbox 360 last year and and 9 billion spent across the Switch/3DS/Wiiu last year. Not consoles sold.

It’s good to see the industry is booming so that games will be here for a long time, with almost $40 billion being spend in the console space alone last year. A healthy industry is a good industry

Lime123286d ago

Yep, soon Xbox One will be in last place. Poor Xbox fans....

UCForce286d ago

But not for MS to be honest. As long as MS keep ignoring the competition, this going hurt them in long term. Sony and Nintendo are doing extremely well with their console and exclusive.

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UCForce286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Well, like I said before. Microsoft going to get pinned by two competitors if they keep ignoring the competition. Two companies do extremely well.

DarkVoyager286d ago

I knew it wouldn’t be long. PS4 and Switch both have amazing exclusives. On top of that one is portable. Xbox needs new IP and compelling exclusives to really compete

285d ago
SuperSonic91286d ago

Here Comes A New Challenger!

MS really needs to get its act together .... fast!

Nebaku286d ago

Worded as if Microsoft as a company has ever given two shits about their game division. From the get-go its existed soley as a marketing endeavor to make a good buck without much effort. The second it doesn't turn a profit for them, Microsoft will drop the division immediately.

286d ago
rainslacker286d ago

MS isn't ignoring the competition, they just don't seem to be able to find a way to overcome it.

UCForce286d ago

You can say that, but it’s still ignorant from MS. They don’t even mention how their competitors got upper hand.

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AngelicIceDiamond286d ago

That's what happens when you have lack of AAA exclusives. Once again MS is doing this to themselves.

Yohshida286d ago

how did sony do so well 2013-2014? Oh looks like AAA exclusives arent that important after all

Eonjay286d ago

You guys aren't gonna stop until you complete destroy Xbox. Microsoft needs a better class of fans.

AngelicIceDiamond286d ago

MS shot themselves in the foot with their bad policy.

Yohshida286d ago

Ah ok got it, AAA exclusives only matter when Sony has more. Otherwise its about power, ok.

darthv72286d ago

Sony did so well because of the bitter taste of bad policies from MS's initial reveal. It didnt matter if they were reversed before launch... those who made up their minds werent going to change.

XBO did have more AAA games during the first couple of years than PS4 but it was not enough to get people to get on board. Regardless of all the right moves MS has made over the years you will still have those who just dont care.

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

Buddy at some point you need to start asking Microsoft what they're doing because as much as I might like Capcom or Konami based on what they've done well , I can't sit idly by while they make just a ridiculous series of mistakes is not saying you hate the company but it is simply saying that you like the publisher enough to want them to change and do better.

So of course I like Resident Evil it's actually ironically why I'm going to talk so much crap about Resident Evil 5 and 6 because it's not the direction I want the series to go of course I'm going to question with the publisher does because I want them to do better that doesn't mean I hate Capcom that doesn't mean I want them to fail and trying to bring up another publisher is not going to solve another Publishers problems.

I'm sorry but you guys are only doing this because you guys bought a piece of hardware as an investment with a belief it was going to get a bunch of Triple A new intellectual property, you made a mistake you backed the wrong horse and now you're trying to find any possible way to defend these actions to not admit some sort of buyer's remorse.

I think it's easier for gamers to admit it publisher made a mistake when they also didn't have to spend a couple hundred dollars with a damn system in the first place with the belief of only getting that Select Title.
I mean look at how the communities talking about Electronic Arts regarding Mass Effect? There are many hardcore Mass Effect fans that preys Mass Effect 2 and 3 that clearly do not like Andromeda because what is happened it doesn't actually mean they hate Mass Effect it simply means they like the series enough to want it to do better.

There's numerous examples of communities that come together and agree that a publisher as come across some hard times but you'll find when that publisher is tied to Hardware that people are reluctant to admit the mistakes even with as obvious as they are.

So trust me we all know those people that are going to swear the order 1886 was Game of the Year or that Star Fox Zero was the perfect game or that lucky Tales is the best top tier AAA content.

Believe me buddy if we were out here talking about a third party publisher you would not be singing praises over failures.

So when we're looking at Electronic Arts in trying to figure out what they could do to fix themselves I don't know what trying to bring up Activision is going to do 😂😂😂

You just don't want to admit the failure because you paid a lot of money for a system that clearly is not keeping up its end of the bargain in terms of exclusive content.

DigitalRaptor286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Cheaper console, more powerful, more games (AAA or not), nostalgia, better marketing and well... I think you already know this, but Microsoft shot themselves in the foot worse than any other gaming company in history. They attempted some really radical and unwarranted things that gamers pushed back on. It was unprecedented, and they've recovered remarkably, but Nintendo simply was on fire from the moment they pulled back the curtain on the NX.

Chris12286d ago

Edmix, what an absolute crock of a post, patronising other gamers for their choices just because their purchasing decisions and requirements are different to yours. We all get YOU don't like Xbox, fortunately there are an awful lot of people who do.

fenome286d ago

The Last of Us released in 2013. Enough said. Lol

Yohshida286d ago (Edited 286d ago )


What have they done wrong?
They dont announce games 20 years out anymore, we know nothing beyond the second half of 2018 not because they have no game but because they decided not to announce any, yet. Dont worry they will come. They fixed the console, gave us every feature possible and some great services. Now they focus 100% on games.

What has Sony done for me lately, im a MP guy 95% of the time. Will sony ever release a decent MP game? Im just not into one and done SP story focused game like you calim everyone ever is. Sorry I prefer Gameplay over graphics and Story. Scripted nonsense isnt something I adore.

UCForce286d ago

Well, MS just don’t know what the heck they were doing with their Xbox brand especially their competitors got the upper hands.

notachance286d ago

MS focused too much on NA and UK

I'm in asia and we get the raw deal, even excluding the very obvious lack of games:
- XB1 is way more expensive compared to PS and Switch, because there is little to no demands for it distributor supplied very few if not at all any XB products. In my country PS and Switch has about the same price as it is on US, it's not the case for XB1
- You can throw all those good experience you have with XBL, because here the server is laggy, almost no friends play there, and those good deals occasionally happening in the west is simply non-existent.
- No dedicated local support in my country while PS and Nintendo have one, lol seriously we have to call/go to another country if something happened
- NO GAMES LOL. Seriously MS is way too focused on multiplayer, it's a damn double-edged sword in regions where XBL is a barren wasteland. We don't care if Halo 5 is the 'best shooter' or whatever, no one to play with = no buy. It's SP games like Zelda, Mario, TLoU, HZD that pushed people to buy consoles in growing regions mate.

MS won't be winning anything anytime soon as long as they kept playing favourites, those 2:1 difference happened not just because some lame slight power gap or whatever you US dudes think is the reason while being blind to how MS treats other part of the world.

Dark_Knightmare2286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

There were exclusives but your fanboy self knew that already. I also love how losers like you still try to act like exclusives don't matter when the last few years especially last year and this year showed that they do matter

doos_vd_kak286d ago

There are many reasons why Sony did well 2013 - 2014.

The right question you should be asking is why are we now seeing the Ps4 and Switch continue to go from strength to strength, as opposed to xbox, which is falling behind in comparison?

The answer is AAA exclusives. Quality one's.

Razzer286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

2013-2014 Retail First Party
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Infamous Second Son
Infamous First Light
LittleBigPlanet 3
MLB 14: The Show
TLOU Remastered

Yes, they were important.

WelkinCole285d ago

1. Sony had many great games from 2013-2014 both on PS3 and PS4
2. PS4 was cheaper
3. The majority of people don't have short memories like you folks regarding the xbox and PS Brand. With the PS Brand people are confident that they will
a. Release exceptional varied games experiences throughout the PS console lifecycle
b. Supported globally

But has made it worse is you folks blind fanboy loyalty that you don't call out MS BS and point out their weakness instead cover them all the time.

Yohshida285d ago

Oh sorry I was wrong.

Sony is god, sony is life. Please sony take me into your inner soul and make me one of your warriorz! MS is EVIL!

Razzer285d ago

Your a bit butthurt when you are wrong, you know that?

KickSpinFilter285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Many reasons at launch...
1. MS cost of $100 more (major reason at start)
2. PS4 having Major Deals with 3rd party AAA games that MS did not. (major reason at start)
3. Sony at the end of PS3 had major exclusives coming out while on 360 it was... well a tumble weed.
4. Sony showing the long game of what was coming out in exclusives.
5. Many folks still pissed about the 306 RRoD
6. DRM Always Online
7. Kinect in place and MS saying it won't work with out it.
8. XB1 Performance issues while PS4 did not on most Multi-plat games.

Now 5 years later...
1. The groundwork Sony started in 2013 after exclusive developers got final specs start to come to fruition given games take about 3 years to make. MS who started XB1 at the same time does not have this "flood" of exclusive games coming out when you should 5 years in. Exclusives matter. (major reason 5 years in)
2. Where your friends are. Install base (major reason 5 years in)
3. Sure XB1X is out but that doesn't mean performance issues start to happen all of a sudden on PS4 Pro and PS4. Let's also be honest 3rd party developers are building games to the biggest install base guess where that is.
4. XB1X still $100 more than it's competitor.
5. Native 4K and Checker board rendering are of diminishing returns: It's like comparing Sand at two different beaches at 6 feet away. The Org XB1 and PS4 was like comparing boulders and rocks at the beach.

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Tatanga286d ago

Incomprehensible to me why MS don't use their old licences like perfect dark, mx/midtown madness, pgr, banjo, freelancer, mechwarrior etc.

darthv72286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

It's almost like they are the head of a major sports team and wanting their team to do bad so they can make some big deal for the coming season.

they have so many IP's just sitting on the bench... it just doesnt make sense.

Christopher286d ago

It's a lot of factors.

1. Extremely poor and more expensive start to the generation with really bad comments from main show events that made people question and thereby spread word of what they were trying to do.

2. Failing to keep up with exclusive titles.

3. Having to cancel games they had.

4. Late delivery on technology (cloud-based computing, AR), cutting old stuff (kinect), and coming in late in the generation with hardware that puts them back in a technology lead and advantage.

If MS started this generation with better hardware, no forced Kinect, same price as Sony, it likely would have been a closer call. But, the question from there is if without this push for them to re-prove themselves to the community, would we have gotten many of the things they are offering? We'll never know, but gotta love the competition.

gamejediben286d ago

Mama Mia!

Xbone is about to-a get Pwn3d!

Remember, its-a not rape. It's-a surprise buttsex!

Einhander1971286d ago

Sony and Nintendo that's all I need:)

Uken12286d ago

Pretty Much. The best 1st Parties. Perfect combo.