Press Start: Video game violence and the hypocrisy of gaming media

For years, certain gaming journalists have been linking video games to real-world violence. Now that President Donald Trump is looking into games’ influence on mass shootings, these critics have reversed stances, writes Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee.

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G20WLY285d ago

Gaming journalism is a real mixed bag at the best of times. There's such a tiny percentage that a true professionals and they're too often drowned out by idiots with a website, an agenda and a hit-seeking headline.

About time they were called out. This is a start 👍

Phoxel285d ago

Just doing my civic duty!

Aenea285d ago

Nonsense, gaming journalists are not the ones that link it to real-world violence, it's other, non-gaming journalists and silly people who do...

Phoxel285d ago

If you read the article, you would realize how wrong you are.

MrSwankSinatra284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

"NoNsEnSe, gaMinG JourNaLiSTs aRe nOT tHE OnES THaT LinK iT tO ReAL-WoRLD VioLenCE, iT's oTHeR. NoN-GaMINg jouRNaLiSTs aNd siLLy PeOple whO DO.........."

You clearly didn't even read the article, Try again......

rainslacker284d ago

That's not always true. The gaming press will take any side they feel will bring them hits. Polygon and even Gamasutra after the Alexander downfall, had several articles about it. Can't think of any smaller websites that bothered. I think Kotaku reported on those who made such claims, but don't recall them taking an editorial stance on it. IGN and the Escapist have had articles that tried to take a objective view of it, but they never made it a major thing....but usually in response to one of these outcries that comes up from time to time.

I don't think it's right to generalize the entire gaming press like the author did in the title, because I don't think it's been so prevelant that I feel the gaming press as a whole is guilty of it. But polygon has been pretty bad about it over the years, but they will change their view on a dime if it makes them a few dimes from clicks. Plus I don't even think they know what they stand for on a political level.

Hungryalpaca284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Nice to see someone call them out for a change.

We used to strive for creators to be creative. Now it’s just a giant checklist that needs to be checked off or the journos will come after you and try and ruin your career. Ala kingdom come with that “needs more diversity” crap in a historical European game set in medieval Europe. Gtfo.

Or like in your article people constantly whining about trump. In video game news. Hey. Hey journalists. Not everyone is American you morons. Nor does a large portion of your audience align with you politically. Stick to your job. Game journalism.

Nice to see someone who hasn’t jumped off the deep end into a vat of self loathing acid.

Phoxel283d ago

Thanks for your comments!

MrSwankSinatra284d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with everything this article pointed out. The gaming industry has been maintaining their title of being hypocrites for a very long time. Great Job.

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