4cr TGS: Hands-on Karaoke Joysound

4cr writes: "Karaoke Joysound enables you to turn your Wii into a karaoke machine and comes complete with microphone. Even though the mic was not connected (and was for display only), Vinnk gave it a go so we could all enjoy his vocal genius. He sung Video Killed the Radiostar… (no really, he's very good!).

The game plays exactly like any karaoke machine except that to get the songs you want you have to download them. It costs 300 yen (that's $3 or £1.50 roughly) to download as many songs as you want but you only get to keep them for 24 hours (think of it as a rental). However, the company says that you can get any song you could ever want to sing. So effectively it's like going out to sing karaoke in a little Japanese karaoke booth, except you don't have to leave your sofa."

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