New Nintendo Direct Thursday 8th March, To Show Switch and 3DS games launching this year

Mark your calendars: information about Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS games is coming this week in a new Nintendo Direct presentation, which includes new details on Mario Tennis Aces.

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michellelynn0976110d ago

I hope they show one or two games we haven't seen. I am gonna set my expectations low. Could be really good.

TekoIie109d ago

Fire Emblem reveal at the very least I'm hoping.

_-EDMIX-_109d ago

I'm setting my expectations extremely high I want Animal Crossing!

wonderfulmonkeyman109d ago

That's the right attitude to take, IMO.
Personally, I'm hoping for a solid release date for Hyrule Warriors DE. "Autumn" narrows it down but isn't accurate by any stretch of the term, and I'd like to know how long I have to wait until that beauty is finally in my hands.

As for new stuff...
A teaser for Smash.
Like, a brief animated trailer, no more than 30 seconds long, showcasing all past content joined together followed by shadowed-out new content [maybe even a fighter silhouette/shadow] for us to speculate over for months before the game actually releases.XD

GrubsterBeater109d ago

I'm just praying for a Hollow Knight Complete Edition release date... And I'm hoping it comes out in March, too.

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Neonridr110d ago

please show off Diablo 3 for the Switch :)

Kosic109d ago

That'll be my main highlight if they do!

Yohshida109d ago

It came out 6 years ago, why not Diablo 4? Come on Blizzard

wonderfulmonkeyman109d ago

Are they even making Diablo 4 right now? I thought they had a lot of other projects they were focusing on...

Nyxus110d ago

3DS games as well, nice.

The 10th Rider109d ago

I feel like they might have one last 2D/isometric Zelda coming out for 3DS this year.

Nyxus109d ago

I'd take it, A Link Between Worlds was great.

_-EDMIX-_109d ago

I hope they do Link Between Worlds is up there with one of my favorite Zelda games of all time.

I would actually hope whatever they make for 3DS automatically ported to the switch.

TallonIV109d ago

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD for Switch, come on Nintendo you know you want to!

Zjet109d ago

Id want enhanced port if they were going to do that.

Stuff like optional navigation assistance would be nice. I spent most of those games running around because there was barely any guidance

(Hence the optional i know some fans love the exploration) i do too but running around the same dank dark swamp areas in mp2 drove me nuts

Nebaku109d ago

That's a hard sell. Either they release them as is and people will complain they weren't enhanced, or they upgrade them and sabotage the sales of Prime 4 by releasing a similar product beforehand.

wonderfulmonkeyman109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I don't think it would sabotage anything, considering the Prime Trilogy is available on the Wii U Eshop.XD
If anything, bringing it to Switch would let those that skipped Prime 3 on Wii the chance to actually play it, since they likely didn't get it on Wii U either.

JackieDrunken109d ago

God that would be so damn awesome! Fantastic trilogy. First one is in my top 10 games all time. Would love to play them on Switch

SR388109d ago

Omg yes!!! With no online crap and all things gettable easy with no friend codes lol... Just a Metroid teaser tonite plez? Lol

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Relientk77109d ago

Hoping for some cool Switch games

Really waiting for E3, so I don't expect much from this

Eldyraen109d ago

Kirby’s last showing before release next week and maybe some dates for things between now and June (e3 for anything after it). Maybe something special if lucky but 90% next 2-3 months and maybe a reveal of something releasing early Summer—someone said Fire emblem rumored for summer, if so it would need to be shown before e3 (if not FE, whatever releases around e3 needs shown off before then anyways).

MrSwankSinatra109d ago

i'm sorry but how is kirby still getting games, there is a serious lack of innovation with that franchise.

Eldyraen109d ago

Don’t know, but it is releasing next week so it’s relevant to some. I’ll rent just because Switch retail isn’t light atm.

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