StarCraft2 Will Be Released In Early 2009?

A Korean game webzine reported that Blizzard Korea has asked some of Korean PR agencies to show their proposal.

In this article, an anonymous guy working in the industry said "Blizzard Korea has started to talk with PR agencies. In general, most company of the industry set-up marketing plan 2~3 months before starting service or publishing games, so I think it will not be a long time to wait Starcraft2. Maybe in early 2009, it will be come out."

But, Blizzard Korea denied this.

"Recently we are focused on launching of Wrath of the Lich King. We have no idea about Starcraft2 not yet. When the game developed, we set up launching date, this is the Blizzard style." said a representative of Blizzard Korea.

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Daver3687d ago

they better do so... they are separating the game in 3 and its taking forever still, release it already

Billy Crystal3686d ago

I'm the first douche to comment in the douche zone.

Thanks again, take care.

Timesplitter143686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

''an anonymous guy working in the industry ''

Oh how I love when they say that.

moe843686d ago

Very highly doubt this.

Currently in Alpha, Beta has yet to start, and won't until at until 2009. Don't expect a release until Summer... at least.

lelo3686d ago

Hope it comes soon :)