God of War PS4 Day One Edition Cover Art Is Better Than Original

God of War PS4 will get a day one edition with exclusive cover art. This artwork is different compared to the regular edition of the game.

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-Foxtrot201d ago

They couldn't put that on the steelbook? Seriously...urgh

They always do this...the steelbooks are usually just a boring ass logo where the standard retail box art is better

UCForce201d ago

And look at that, no one will take you seriously.

BlackBeastofArgh201d ago

Alright find me box art that looks like those I'll wait...

Dark_Knightmare2201d ago

Dude go get a life no one cares about you or your opinion everybody's knows you do nothing but troll Sony articles it's really pathetic

Ceaser9857361201d ago

One of the best franchisee and GOW gonna dominate.. Cant wait..

Zabatsu201d ago

Don't go too deep - throat.

doos_vd_kak201d ago

You are completely irrelevant

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DemonChicken201d ago

The alt cover is used for the artbook so this probably explains why the steelbook has a different design

201d ago
201d ago
-Foxtrot201d ago

Downvotes for stating the truth...not many steelbook collectors obviously

People honestly prefer a boring logo then a beautiful artwork of the two main characters...right 🙄

darthv72201d ago

I collect steelbooks and I too am disappointed in their choice for cover art.

Teflon02201d ago

depends Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Any Dragon Ball, FFXV, Persona 5, and FFXII all had amazing ones and though I like Ni No Kuni's normal case better than the steelbook it looks great too. Guess it depends, I haven't gotten a bad one yet. Ohh yeah and I got 2 with SAO Hollow Realization and they're both good

UCForce201d ago

Well, I understand. But you are just being hyper sensitive about this. That like Cop from GTA 5.

Inzo201d ago

"Downvotes for stating the truth"

Truth to who? Just because you think steel book cover looks boring doesnt mean other people do so state it as fact, just saying.

CrimsonWing69200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

I don't know man, you make it sound like usually steel books are nothing but a logo but I own a huge amount and most are pretty awesome... sure things like Watch Dogs and I guess this God of War one are pretty dumb... but just to counter those FF type 0 and Monster Hunter World are pretty awesome. I mean the Uncharted 4 one was fantastic... You see a few crappy ones and you make it seem like that's all we get.

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Crazyglues201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

And if your getting the digital copy...??? Do we get the Day One Cover Art for when we scroll thru the PS4 Menu Bar...?

IamTylerDurden1201d ago

I'll take steelbook over plastic any day. Like any cover, some steelbooks are ornate and detailed and some aren't, not every steelbook is "boring". Uncharted 4 has a very detailed steelbook with far more color and artwork than the original cover.

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firelogic201d ago

Way better cover than the standard one. It's dynamic and really catches the eye versus the original which looks like a father and son going fishing.

God of War isn't really a full reboot. It is in the sense that they changed the way it looks (3D camera vs fixed) and plays (more realistic) but the story continues from God of War III. It's not a brand new Norse Kratos who's going about his business and one day goes on an adventure. It's the same Kratos from the previous games.

UltraNova201d ago

Why is that a problem? Should Nathan Drake be a different race Drake based on each location the game is set at?

Its called God of War and the logo is the Greek Omega (Ω) letter, how is it possible for the devs to scrap all that IP history and do a Norse Kratos (a Greek name)?

CP_Company201d ago

So you are not allowed to travel if your name usable just in your country? Or you just in whining mood?

Eonjay201d ago

What an incredibly strange, completely left field and totally unrelated response.

RememberThe357201d ago

@Eonjay haha right? What comment is Nova responding to here?

thejackal2008201d ago

I'll be purchasing after the inevitable series of bug and performance updates. I'm sick of buying games day one only to feel like I'm Beta testing. I can't think of a single game that's been perfect at launch on PS4.

LP-Eleven201d ago

Most titles aren't "perfect" at launch, no matter the platform. However, Sony's properties are usually very good out of the gate.

thejackal2008201d ago

2 downvotes so far, truth hurts i guess. bloody fanboys

UCForce201d ago

Well, not delusional. Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn ? The game was polished. There are some bugs but minor of course. And you are no different.

RememberThe357201d ago

Oh sorry, we couldn't hear you through all that hyperbole.

Goldby201d ago

Hellblade had a near perfect launch, mainly the only issue was that people were rushing ahead instead of lighting the torch in the hallways scene which prevented people from being able to advance.

And as LP stated, no game is perfect at launch no matter the console or pc its being played on.

KickSpinFilter200d ago

Hellblade was fantastic had no problem with that one in my two play throughs. Great game to Plat

moegooner88201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Can’t think of a single one ? Uncharted LL? Horizon Zero Dawn ? Ratchet and Clank ? Gravity Rush 2 ? Shadow of the Colossus remake ? None of these had any major issues on launch.

KickSpinFilter200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Hey I love the PS4 but...
Street Fighter V (although Capcom not really first party (now fixed)
Driveclub (although after server and updates became a fantastic game)
The Order 1886 (just not good, but worked perfectly)
What about No Mans Sky did that have issues or more along the lines of The Order?
Everything else has been pretty much go man go as far as Exclusives go.

P_Bomb201d ago

Persona 5 hasn’t had a single patch in NA afaik

BlaqMagiq1201d ago

Persona 5 was perfect at launch.

Dark_Knightmare2201d ago

Dude sonys exclusives are rock solid from day one there's nothing to worry about there

Jayszen201d ago


I can think of a game - Horizon: Zero Dawn, In addition, Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, Persona 5, In fact, I can think of several.

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