Okay Xbox Game Pass You Win; I'm Cancelling My Sea of Thieves Pre-Order

Why on earth would you buy this game when you can just subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for half a year for the same price, and get other games on top of it?

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Automatic79281d ago

@twinfinite it's a win win for any gamer. I remember back in the days when I didn't make enough to.purchase every game. I wish GamePass was available. I now purchase, but to those who are unable to purchase, get GamePass, get sea of thieves and get over 160 games to play. We all win. Good job team Xbox.

TheCommentator281d ago

Think of how nice Game Pass is for parents to buy their kids too! What kid wouldn't like hundreds of games, and what parent would balk at $120 a year for it? Kids get new games all year and parents don't have to go anywhere to get them.

darthv72281d ago

Wouldnt it be more per year though? I mean you do need to have XBL in order to play multiplayer and many of the GP games are multiplayer centric. It's the same for PS Now and requiring PS+ to play online.

I know what you are getting at though in regards to paying a certain amount to access a plethora of titles readily available. It is a good deal indeed for those who are interested. No argument there.

TheCommentator281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

@ Darthv72

Yes. And No.
Yes: If you are new to the console and want to play everything in Game Pass then it's Game Pass plus XBL.
No: If you don't plan to play online there are still many choices that offer single player content, so this is just an extra $9.99 a month.

Honestly though, most of us have already been paying for XBL and it's technically a different service. If we wanted to carry your theory to the next level, then technically both Game Pass and XBL also require a broadband connection too. I feel that it's best just to keep it simple and call it a $9.99 a month service, but you do bring up a good point!

SuperSonic91281d ago

Wait, can we share games on Xbox One now or it's still not allowed?

optimus281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

@supersonic.... You could always share games on Xbox-1 from day 1. If anything, they actually increased the number of shares from 3 times a year to 6 (I think).

--Onilink--281d ago

$100 a year actually since you can get 3 months for $25

optimus280d ago

It can be less than that if you know where to look. (Cdkeys has game pass for $2.75 a month right now.)

No Way280d ago

Optimus - I went to look. The one month card is for new accounts only. It's essentially $3.00 for the first month only - or at least that's how I take it.

rainslacker280d ago

It's a good deal. But I think it's supplemental and can't imagine it'd be adequate to satiate most people gaming tastes alone. It's a good add-on value though, particularly if one is interested in Xbox exclusive games.

optimus280d ago

@no way.... I initially thought the same thing BUT all that really means is you can't stack the subscription like you can with gold so you basically let the 30 days expire and then redeem the next code for another month of service. Your saves and achievements remain on your harddrive or cloud so you won't need to start any game over once your 30 days are up...i know because I had game pass 3 months ago and renewed it yesterday and still had all my saves and achievements and games I downloaded previously which simply unlocked once I renewed.

Them saying "new accounts only" is pointless. I bought 4 codes yesterday at $2.79 each. Even gave one to my friend to play sea of thieves when it comes out.

TheCommentator280d ago

TBH, everybody, I use Bing Rewards every day and not only do I get my XBL Subscription for the year for free, but I'll have enough annual "points" to spend that I'll be getting Game Pass for free every year too. All just for using Bing as my search engine on my phone and computer/Xbox. Takes me 10-15 minutes tops, and that includes reading pertinent articles for the day!

Everyone should use Bing for the free stuff you can redeem your points for!

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zaherdab281d ago

when you say it's a win win ... there has to be 2 parties ... win win for any gamer doesn't really make sense so it's just a win for any gamer i guess though i prefer to own my games than be hooked on another subscription based service

starrman1985281d ago

It's a win win, because you get Sea of Thieves cheap, and you also go a large catalog of other games to play.

zaherdab281d ago

win-win. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishˌwin-ˈwin adjective [only before noun] a win-win situation, solution etc is one that will end well for everyone involved in it → no-win situation It's a win-win situation all around. —win-win noun [countable] The agreement is a win-win for everyone.

I.E. its used when u are referring to multiple parties

optimus281d ago

You're looking at it 1 sided... It's a win -win for the gamer as they are getting new games for less; AND Microsoft, who will undoubtedly get an increase in subscriptions; AND the developers of ALL the games in game pass as they will have more exposure and people playing their games that may have fallen by the wayside when they were 1st released.

zaherdab280d ago

Original sentence is "it's a win win for any gamer" ... but anyway i am not dissing Microsoft i am commenting on the mis-use of the expression

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Sonic_Vs_Mario281d ago

Why are you being down voted for praising Xbox Game Pass? It's a phenomenal service

optimus281d ago

Because it's for xbox, that's why. 🙄


"Why are you being down voted for praising Xbox Game Pass? It's a phenomenal service"

Because N4G is a PS fan boy site.

Razzer280d ago

Right....cuz Xbox fanboys never downvote PS....ever. Just stop

manabyte77280d ago

If you consider voluntarily forfeiting your rights and giving up ownership a “win”, then I suppose you’re right.

timotim280d ago

Millions of people pay for Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and other cloud services...HAPPILY every month...these ate people who don't care to own their content...they just want access to it when they are ready for it. This is what Game Pass provides.

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slavish0281d ago

I don't like subscriptions so I will keep my pre-order for this and State of decay. Options are good. writing pointless articles.... not so good.

NeoGamer232281d ago

Very interesting. I own over 1,500 CDs, 2,500 DVD/Blu-rays, and over 1,000 physical games that I have collected since the early 90's.

I was completely against subscription services for entertainment thinking they would never be viable. But, in the past two years I've gone from spending about $350 / month on entertainment media to less than $100 per month. Simply by using Netflix/Amazon Prime for TV and movies, Spotify for music, and PSN Plus, XBL Gold, EA Access, and now XB Game Pass. And I get more content than if I was to pay the same price on physical media.

I think it is a decision everyone gets to make individually. But, at this point I really like all the services I subscribe to and really enjoy the level of content they provide overall. The only ones I am finding annoying right now is on TVs and Movies. I would like TVs and Movies subscription services to be more like Spotify. Meaning Spotify has a vast library of everything whereas Netflix/Amazon Prime are constantly changing available content.

281d ago
UnholyLight281d ago

It is good in the end. Yes everyone loves physical things or actually owning them and I was the same but now I pay for spotify and it's pennies basically and I get to listen to all of my favourite bands instead of breaking the bank every year....this could be amazing because I can spend basically nothing throughout the year for a game pass and get potentially many games rather than spending 80x12 ish games. Games are 80 EFFING dollars in Canada now basically for any new big release so this really saves me a ton of money and gives me a chance to have more games. Im so glad I didnt preorder Sea of Thieves just for a special skin pack when I just saved 80 and only had to throw 10 in to get the game essentially. The downvotes on this is probably coming from the Sony faithful (I love Sony don't hate me Sony fanboys) who are jealous they dont have this plan as well.

jlove4life281d ago

Thx for sharing a personal example I'm pretty much the same but what made me switch to pro digital is 2 things first I injured my back at work and it was easier and faster to click on a ps3 xbox 360 game on hard drive then get off couch switch games I play a ton of games madden one minute than ufc than cod battlefield mmos rpg etc so I would be getting up too much so digital was easier but what drove the message home even with disc I don't on the media (not saying in all cases) but my daughter was trying to play little big Planet 2 been awhile since played lbp3 was out so few yrs passed since release I popped disc in I was met with need to update yet at 88 percent update would fail game was in constant loop that disc became useless to me because without the update disc would not play so yeah maybe I couldve had a system never connected to Internet and could play but wits all these day 1 patches what's the point if game is broken so that's what made digital a sure thing for me

mcstorm280d ago

I'm with you on this. I had cds and mp3 as well as discs and movie files on a home server until 3 years ago where I now pay for a service to get all my tv films and music fixes and it costs me way less as well as takes up less space to. I also think it is also a good thing for gaming forward but also offering owning the software as well as rent then I don't see how anyone can put a negative spin on it as you get the best of both worlds

rainslacker280d ago

I cut the cord recently, and while I'm saving a lot of money, I live in the boonies and can't get a couple of the major channels over the air. Netflix and Amazon are mostly sufficient for me though, since I don't watch much TV to begin with. I can certainly give up what I did for the extra $150 a month.

But, more on topic, I don't see this as very beneficial to me for how I play games. I can barely get to most of the games that PS+ offers, so not sure why I'd find time through another on-demand type service, when it's not going to have most of the games I'd want to play anyways. If one buys a lot of the MS 1st party games though, then it's certainly worthwhile, assuming things stay the way they are indefinitely.

TL:DR: It's a great value overall, but really depends on how you play games.

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_-EDMIX-_280d ago


I think the service is a great idea for people who like to rent or like PlayStation now is a good idea for people who want to rent or stream their games or something but I primarily want to own my games and have no interest in using it but I definitely understand how great the service is for those who like to rent games and not own them.

It would be like somebody who uses GameFly attacking everybody else who doesn't.

Options are always good.

NoPeace_Walker281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

I have gamepass since it was first launch. Loving it but I'll buy all the MS games for my X like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 because I like to keep all my games and support MS. But thanks for giving us options on obtaining our games from Gamepass, EA Access, Free BC to retail, MS. It is for the PLAYERS. 👍🏼

Eonjay281d ago

So you just willingly pay for subscriptions and then buy the games on top of that... all for the glory of... Microsoft? I wonder what its like for a company, any, to actually own people like slaves. As much as I love PlayStation I know that Sony is here to serve me and not the other way around.

Legacy212281d ago

I have it Pre ordered for 39.99 and I have game pass. If I ever decide not go renew I know I can still play this gem

Brian7655492281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Eonjay, how is Sony serving your any better when they have Playstation Now and charge double and don't offer new games? They also don't trust their own members to decide on their own if services like EA Access is something they may like. Sony is not there to serve you, they are there to make money just like most private companies.

All these disagrees people carelessly like to throw around tells me they just don't like Microsoft no matter what they do.

Eonjay281d ago


Easy, I ended my Now and Vue subs. It wasn't serving me. You are right. I am not going to just give them my money if I am not served. I get to pick and choose what I want from them. That was literally my point. This isn't charity. Sony isn't entitled to my money in the way the slave above me is in bondage to Microsoft. Also Microsoft isn't entitled to agree upvotes.

Jinger281d ago

"Easy, I ended my Now and Vue subs. It wasn't serving me. You are right. I am not going to just give them my money if I am not served."

So if NoPeace_Walker decided to cancel his subscription next month, he now owns the game to continue to play... I will also be buying SoT and SoD2 because I want to support Rare and Undead Labs as well as continue my subscriptions to keep playing gamepass games I haven't gotten to yet.

Brian7655492281d ago

Eonjay, you did nothing to counter anything I said. Sony is not giving you that choice with EA Access, it's already made for you. You can say it's not something you're interested in but again that's besides the point.

So your whole argument Sony serves you is more about the games they provide which is a whole different discussion. This is about optional services like Game Pass and again Microsoft is giving its consumers more options than Sony. Play Anywhere is another example along with day of date release of their own games like Sea of Thieves which can be transferred to PC or Xbox with one fee. You can buy it or subscribe.

Sonic_Vs_Mario281d ago

With Xbox Game Pass you'll get 20% discount off games while you're subscribed to the service. seems like fair deal when buying games on day one digitally that's on Game Pass

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Zeref281d ago

By using game pass you are supporting.

_-EDMIX-_280d ago

Huh? So you own the subscription service to play the games but you're still buying the games separately? I don't understand? Why exactly do you have the service then?

NoPeace_Walker280d ago

"Why exactly do you have the service then?"

So there are no other games on the service other than the DAY ONE MS Xbox games on Gamepass? 🤔

Think before replying.

_-EDMIX-_280d ago

@NoPeace- thats nice.

Why do you have the service if you are still buying games brand new?

NoPeace_Walker280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

"Why do you have the service if you are still buying games brand new?"

There are over 100 games on the service. I said Im buying the 'MS' day one games like Seas of Thieves and State of Decay 2. Maybe I want to play Ninja Gaiden Black or Mad Max but don't want to pay for them.

It is like Netflix where it has tons of movies and TV shows but I want to own a disc copy of a select few movies and shows like Avengers or Star Wars or me buying a few Led Zepplin or Metallica albums even when those albums are on the service ..just because. It is not that difficult to comprehend..EDMIX. ☺

_-EDMIX-_280d ago

I mean that still doesn't even make any sense one could argue you would just benefit just as much by just getting GameFly lol

Enjoy renting

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Gaming_1st281d ago

This is what MS wants. A subscription based service. Where not only will people pay for the subscription, but some people still buy the games that are in the service. It's a win win for them. Then as the more people subscribe and becomes viable and very popular, they will be able to more and more monopolize the service by walling things in.

SierraGuy281d ago

No.... Microsoft would never monopolize anything would they?

darthv72281d ago

You also described PS Now without even knowing it.

Slurms281d ago

And basically the whole console ecosystem.

PrematuaProcrastin8a281d ago

I think ms are happy either way.