Fonts in console games are too darn small

People who, in addition to using dubbing, like to explore the story with texts, are facing bad times. But when will they stop?

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Cobra951221d ago

Just because words can be tiny doesn't mean they should be. Lots of us can't see that much pixel density from a comfortable distance. If the words are too small to read, the user isn't seeing detail clearly, and the resolution is wasted.

PeaSFor221d ago

Go see the optometrist.

isarai220d ago

It's probably because on average console gamers play on much larger displays compared to PC gamers. You don't see many 50" PC monitors, yet everyone i know has upgraded to 50" or more for their TVs

greywolf39219d ago

I agree with this 100%. Text should be bigger and also they need to switch the colors of them. Many time on games for example FF XV you cant read subs if you are in white or bright enviroment.

fenome219d ago

They should at least have options for them by now other than just on/off. I mean even Netflix and Hulu has options for font size, color, background, etc..

greywolf39219d ago

Yes, at leat option to choose. It is really starting to anger me. It is unreadable sometimes.