Bloodborne: 5 Tips to Surviving Your First Hour in Yharnam

With FromSoftware’s Bloodborne making its way to the PS Plus lineup this month, there are many folks who will be experiencing the unforgiving world of Yharnam for the first time; and if the souls-style of gameplay isn’t your thing, getting through that first hour of Bloodborne can be an excruciatingly painful experience.

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G20WLY282d ago

Still can't believe this is included in PS Plus line up this month. Pure awesome!

sampsonon282d ago

bought it on release day and i totally agree. I can't believe Ratchet And Clank is free in the same month, and that one i didn't play so fist pump for sony

Dragonscale281d ago

Me too. Platted BB but never played R&C since the PS2 original. Started playing it last night and its great fun, props to Sony.

P_Bomb282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Ludwig’s Holy Blade, 2 handed. Helped many players.


Can’t lvl up til you beat one boss or mini boss. Don’t be discouraged. After that it gets easier. I recommend the guy on the bridge first.

Goldby282d ago

thats is actually incorrect, you cant lvl up until you have insight, and you can gain insight before seeing or beating the first boss through madmen's knowledge. there is one located near the rats in the cellar.

Father gascoigne is easier in my personal opinion due to his weakness against fire and that beautiful music box.

P_Bomb282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Well it’s been years since I played it lol, but that’s how I did it. Couldn’t level before I got to cleric beast. I beat him then went home and could finally spend my blood echoes or whatever it is that ups your stats at the doll. Never found madman’s knowledge that early.

Father Gascogne was harder imo. Died more at him than at Cleric who I got on 2nd attempt. Woulda been 1st attempt but I goofed something dumb.

282d ago
P_Bomb282d ago

There was a save trick too, oh man what was it? You could basically create your own checkpoint and then reload that save from the cloud or USB. So you could restart from the boss for example without backtracking and potentially losing echoes. It’s out there on the web anyways, if newbies wanna dig.

Goldby282d ago


an easier way would be to get a bold hunters mark,
if players manage to make it to eileen the Crow she gives 4 of them, that way they dont loose the echoes when they restart the area

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uth11282d ago

you just need to see a boss to gain insight, you don't need to beat it

Matrix6281d ago

I've put in over 160 hours into this, mostly due to grinding, and I'm still struggling to git gud!!!
I'm about 75% through the game, sometimes I need help from other hunters to beat a boss, I just haven't been research the weaknesses for the bosses and more feral enemies. Totally love this game though.

bloodybutcherblocked279d ago

You guys are overthinking this. If the goal is surviving the first hour, then just don't move for an hour after the starting cutscene. Boom!

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Avengerz43282d ago

Definitely get the item from the girl in the window on the first stage. I think it's a bell or something. Helps tremendously w the first boss.

jugo14282d ago

learn to dodge. Best tip out there

nitus10281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Visceral attacks also work but can be daunting to pull off. Make a mistake and well "you died". 😎

I actually found the Archana "Augur of Ebrietas" (found in the Lecture Building 1st Floor) to be an excellent weapon (requires an Archana of 18 though) that can even "one hit kill" some creatures.

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The story is too old to be commented.