State of Decay 2 official PC requirements unveiled

State of Decay 2 is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and Microsoft has also revealed the official PC requirements for it (via its Windows Store page).

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TheColbertinator284d ago

60FPS goodness. At that price point,State of Decay is very much appreciated

mark_parch283d ago

do you think there's any chance of a 60fps option on xbox one x with dynamic resolution. even if it's 900p 60fps I would prefer that over 4k 30fps

HeyNowChillax284d ago

Can PC players play with Xbox live online for this title?

timotim284d ago

Yes, it's a Xbox Play Anywhere title. It's one community across PC and console. You can even hop between the two at will.

HeyNowChillax284d ago

I knew it was play anywhere, MS's smartest move this gen, but some games don't allow crossplay for certain modes... yet. This is really nice to hear and for $30 bucks it's a steal. Last good Zed game was Dying Light, MS needs a win with this one.

Sonic_Vs_Mario284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

All Microsoft first party games are cross play on Xbox One with Windows 10 PC store

TedCruzsTaint284d ago

Still rocking Windows 7 ...
I get they're MS titles, and they want to push their latest operating system, but people barely push DX12, to this day, let alone require you have Windows 10.

Want to give you cash for this, and your Forza series, MS. Just saying.

Scar-284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Exactly this is why I'll pass on it I'm not getting windows 10 for one game.

TedCruzsTaint284d ago

I was relieved when they finally released Quantum Break on Steam. Look at that! Win7 lol

Ukgamer284d ago

Out of interest what’s the problem with windows 10? I’ve seen a fair few comments on different games mentioning it

TedCruzsTaint284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

For me, I never liked the layout, and it didn't seem to offer any real benefits gaming-wise. DX12 is almost never used to any real extent, and performance often times favored Win7. I was offered the free upgrade too but, because of those reasons, I avoided it. But now MS is making a large push into the PC market and, of course, requires you have their latest OS in order to play their titles.

Entirely fair to do so, but it means people like me, sticking with 7, won't be able to support their titles, despite wanting to.

BenderBot284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

In my opinion Win10 is a great OS, providing you have zero interest in your own privacy or freedoms. Win10 is essentially an NSA OS. Privacy options that are available do NOTHING regardless of their setting. Try removing or even disabling Cortana. Try uninstalling programs MS want to force on you. why do you think it was given away for free? Now, if you want a free OS that respects your rights then switch to Linux. Although, Linux is next to useless for games! That's why I have consoles despite having a heavy duty PC. Oh, BTW you are aware Win7 does not support any of the lastest CPU's like Ryzen. Just MS' latest way of forcing you down a path you really shouldn't take. Anyway, looking forward to this game, but on One X

timotim284d ago

Windows 7 is about 15 years old now and a dying OS...why would Microsoft support it when they have a much newer version of their OS? You are free to stay on the of your choice but understand by doing that you won't get the latest technology and features. It's no different than the phone in your pocket right now...

TedCruzsTaint284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

It's not even 9 years old yet ...
Windows XP is about that old, but.
And, it's as I said, it's not a dying OS in the gaming market. I can promise you that it will be a supported OS for the better part of another decade.
It's MS, being the owner of the OS, and now making a real push into the PC market, that wants to see it die as an OS. They benefit from it; but they're the only ones.

Scar-284d ago

Lmfao windows 7 is eight years old it won't be nine for four months, why are people so hyped to buy a OS that you don't even need????? There is a reason M$ published games are the only ones that requires windows ten they have been doing this since vista. State of Decay has never been a powerhouse title either, there are brand new games being released that aren't windows ten exclusive seriously FINAL FANTASY XV just released guess what windows 7 supported.

timotim284d ago

Thats true...but in terms of how fast technology moves today, it is a dinosaur. And its not just about games...since Microsoft owns the OS its their job to concern themselves with all facets of the OS...win7 just isnt modern enough. Why support an aging OS that wont be getting system updates anymore??? Consumers have moved on...gamers have made Windows 10 the majority...their is no need for Microsoft to support it when Windows 10 exsist. Ask Apple why they dont continue to support iOS 4 anymore with apps and games...ask Google why they dont continue to support past versions of Android anymore...

MegamanXXX284d ago

Guess I'll try out the PC version since I don't really have a choice LOL

Sonic_Vs_Mario284d ago

Microsoft appreciates you for being part of their ecosystem :)

NoPeace_Walker284d ago

You do have a choice.....on MS other platform (PC). 👍🏼

Gaming_1st284d ago

Sorry MS doesn't own PC. A platform is considered a functional (platform) with out any additional hardware or software. And as such, for decades you have been able to play windows games on other Os's. Sure, MS is trying to wall everything in and stop this sort of thing. But it's only a matter of time before someone exploits it again.

Cyborgg284d ago

Just try out the 14 day free game pass

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