Ubisoft Details Far Cry 5 Post-Launch Details + Video + Screens

Neocrisis - Today, Ubisoft detailed a bevy of post-launch content, including three DLC adventures in the Season Pass and free content for all with Far Cry Arcade and live events, coming to Far Cry 5 following the launch on March 27.

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TheCommentator282d ago

Honestly, I like the Far Cry campaigns, but the map editor is my poison. I'm so glad it's back!!!

"All Far Cry 5 players will also have access to Far Cry Arcade, the evolution of the map editor that will deliver an endless amount of free gameplay and map creation opportunities for players. Far Cry Arcade will include assets from previous Far Cry games as well as other Ubisoft titles, including content from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Watch_Dogs, that can be used to make solo, co-op and PvP multiplayer experiences."

1nsomniac282d ago

All this seemingly great content, 3 expansions, Free Far Cry 3, map editor with all assets included - it’s making me very nervous.

fiveby9282d ago

Nervous? As in there's got to be a catch?

jazzking2001282d ago

if it sounds too good to be true? That may be what he is suggesting?

edeprez282d ago

Makes me stupid. I never pre order games, yesterday i dropped $90 On psn so i get free $15 back and FC5, FC3, and all the DLC. I just hope the 3 dlc packs are good, since they can be pretty weak.

1nsomniac282d ago

Exactly. I pre-ordered which is something I haven’t done in years & years. This genuinely sounds like a good deal - in the gaming industry that’s very scary because it’s never a good deal. It usually means it’s a shower of shite!

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seanpitt23282d ago

When I see these farcry games now 2 words come into my head,


far cry 2 was good in its day and farcry 3 was but after that it's been stale.

jazzking2001282d ago

Hopefully 5 makes it good again