Blizzard: We're Not "Milking" StarCraft

Since Blizzard announced StarCraft II would be released as a trilogy, with each entry focusing on a single race's campaign, there has been some backlash from Internet goers who speculate the studio is bowing to pressure from new owners Activision to drag out the game with the sole purpose of increasing revenues. "Franchise milking" has been on the lips of more than a few commenters.

But Blizzard's StarCraft rep Bob Colayco told Edge on Monday that it's not like that all, saying that Blizzard's the one "calling the shots."

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tocrazed4you3687d ago

Screw you guys you are milking it. I rather wait extra months than spending 100 bucks more for one game your suppose to have entirely.

TheIneffableBob3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

They never announced how much the campaigns would cost.

They did, however, say that if the content felt like an expansion, then they would price it like an expansion.

I expect Wings of Liberty to be $50, then Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void to be $30.

T12AN3687d ago

Not a few extra months. Try a couple extra years because Blizz announced that their target date to finish up the 2nd part will be 1 year after, and the protoss part to be another year after that.

Endorphin3686d ago

I really do not like this idea. At first I was under the impression that I would be getting three different games at once in a big bundle for a mega price, which I was fine with. But now thinking that I have to wait and wait to finish my single player kind of annoying. Usually Pc games sell for 40$-50$ so if you gonna sell each for that same price (because your getting the same size of content everytime 26-30 missions each) IT IS MILKING! If the story is that epic why not do the mega price thing and get over with and save all the extra unit bs for expansion packs.

TheIneffableBob3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

They're doing the campaign packs because they want to release the game sometime within this decade. If they were to put all the content into a single game, then SC2 would probably release in 2011. By doing this, they can release Wings of Liberty maybe in 2009, then Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void in the years after that. So instead of waiting years and years for the full StarCraft experience, we can wait one year and have the full multiplayer experience and the Terran campaign to tide us over until the Zerg and Protoss campaigns release.

It's been over 10 years already. I don't want to wait another 3 years to play the sequel to StarCraft.

SuperM3686d ago

Whats up people? Why do you complain when the only reason they are doing this is that they can ensure you get a quality game within reasonable time.

Either they would have to make the game significantly smaller or they wouldnt release the game in 2.5 years... And by then the game would probably be worth like 100$, but its not a wise to sell a game for a 100$ because even if its worth it and they have spent so much time and effort on developing it, people wont pay it because they dont know that its worth it.

So basically what this means is that you get more Starcraft. The first starcraft game they release will have more then enough value with its 26-30 missions. You also get the full multiplayer experience. The other two are basically like expensions with another 26-30 missions for the zerg and then the protoss. If you dont want to pay for the singleplayer then just dont buy it. You already have the full multiplayer from the first game.

Its really quite stupid that people complain about this. The alternative would be like 10 missions for each race in one game. Meaning you wont get any better value, you will just get 3 seperate smaller campaigns instead of one epic campaign.

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dktxx23687d ago

I don't want to play 30 missions with the terrans. I want to play 10 missions of each race. Blizzard stop trying to think outside the box, you suck at it.

tocrazed4you3687d ago

90 missions per game, but they were planning to release it as a single game but than split it up so they can RELEASE IT EARLY, but the price came with it. Wow just wow bad cover up story for them.

SuperM3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Whatever whiner. Compare this to any other game out there and you will see its a great value. Now what do you expect a company to work on a game for 7 years and then sell it for 50$?

The fans dont want to wait another 3 years for the game to finish. And if they did that and sold it for 50$ that would be an insane value, and would be stupid from a buisness perspective.

If they release each game with 26-30 missions then we are gonna get alot of starcraft out of this. If you enjoy starcraft SP and story then this will be great for you. If you dont then DO NOT BUY IT R-TRDS

Raf1k13686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I agree with you though i think the 'If you dont then DO NOT BUY IT R-TRDS' thing is a little over the top.

Anyway, what u say makes sense.
Lets say Blizzard was to release a full game this year (doesnt matter what game), people would happily pay £30 for it.

Then Blizzard releases the sequel next year, people would still pay £30 for that after having bought the first one.

But if Blizzard was to wait and release both together at £60, there would be a lot of very unhappy bunnies bouncing around on sites like this.

Blizzard puts a lot of time and effort into their games, we all know that. People who love the story will get what they want over the next few years and people who just want the multiplayer will also get what they want from each release. So why the fuss?

The only problem I can see is with fans of the factions whose games are being released later. Nobody wants to wait longer than anyone else to play their favourite faction and that completely understandable.

Give it time, I'm sure Blizzard will win you over. They usually do don't they?

Edit: lol just realised I may come across as a real Blizzard fanatic. I'm not, I just wanted to get this off my chest :D

jackdoe3687d ago

I disagree. Unless you charge $30 per StarCraft II game, then you are indeed milking it.

SuperM3686d ago

Riiight.... Its milking if each game is a bad value for the money. 26-30 missions is more then they did in the first starcraft game. So they do more then the original starcraft with each game, is that really such a terrible value that it has to cost 30$?

And who knows, maybe it will cost 30$, but its just so stupid to whine about it know.

Ninja-Sama3687d ago

Activision is the one calling the shots. If not then you have become just as bad as them!

Oh and also...Yes, you are milking the franchise.


SuperM3686d ago

Does anyone of you even read the article? Because it doesnt seem like it. They have been working for the game for 4 years now. And its only the terran SP that they have managed to do alot of work. The other two factions they have almost done nothing. So you have to wait for 3 years or take what you get... Hey they have worked on it for 4 years already, it cant be such a terrible value. Besides if blizzard decided they wanted to milk something they would just do like EA and release a game each year with minor upgrades.

Its basically pathetic to call this milking when all blizzard is doing is ensuring the quality of the all the singleplayer campaigns. Blizzard is all about quality like it or not.

levy3686d ago

You can't say it's "milking" if you don't know the details. How do you know it's not $20 for each expansion? Oh, and imagine some other game, if it was announced that it would be a trilogy, I don't think everyone would shout "MILKIIIIING" the first thing they did. Think of them as starcraft 2, 3 and 4 then. That is fully acceptable if the games are large enough to be worth the money.

and guess what, we don't know that yet. so save the whine.

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