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The survival horror genre is rife with games in which you are isolated in a hostile environment full of monsters, and Dead Space is no exception. But from the moment you're thrown into the middle of the fray in the heart-pounding introduction until the bone-chilling conclusion, it's clear that this is something quite unique. With its disturbingly twisted visuals, its deeply engrossing story, and innovative strategic dismemberment combat system, Dead Space is a best-in-its-class game that surpasses other entries in its venerable genre in nearly every way and will be the standard by which they are judged for years to come.

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cantfindaname083688d ago

I usually buy or play games with good reviews and it seems like there are going to be so many great games with good reviews that i might not afford to play. Who agrees..

Musicmedic51503687d ago

the wife and son's gonna be peed off at me this Christmas. No presents for them cause all the money is going to the games.

Nineball21123687d ago

I'm planning on playing all of the games that interest me, but obviously I won't be able to play them all at once.

Things are going to have to be prioritized.

This is a GOOD problem to have! :p

M337ING3688d ago

For sure...

I need to get Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty: World at War, and GTAIV... And I only game on a PC! :)

Chubear3688d ago

Just when you think you've gotten the list you want down - BAM! another game blind-sides you that you feel you just got to experience.

The new James Bond game, Quantum Solace, is one of those too. Just saw a vid of it on GT and good lord it looks fantastic. I'm thinking it's definitely the Goldeneye of the new generation for sure.

Just soooo many top quality games. It's great to be a gamer this gen but damn, my pockets are crying for mercy. Well, I guess with the economy in a rutt, we'll all have to look for more economical ways for our entertainment and as I see it Spending $300 on gaming entertainment for 4-6 months sure beats the hell out of $200 per weekend with bar hopping or $500 bucks a month for about 7-8 NBA sports entertainment.

blooodFrenzy923688d ago

this or saints row damn damn damn screw it im getting both tomorrow

Itrguy0013688d ago

dont get saints row man graphics look like they should of been out on PS1

ape0073688d ago

get saints row 2

it's an amazing package overall

dead space also looks fantastic

tocrazed4you3688d ago

Very very concerned why they reviewed the xbox 360 version first when the ps3 is the lead platform. Anyway its a good score so that contradicts my statement, sooo KUDOS!!! This is worth a rent for me :D

ape0073688d ago

please,am confused

what version should I buy

ps3 or 360

which one look better

does ps3 version have trophies day 1?

solidjun53688d ago

Deadspace does support trophies. However, since you're a multi-platform owner, I would say the only thing that can only sway you is your preference with the controller. What controller do you feel most comfortable with. They both support trophies/achievements and they both do not have multiplayer. EA (although I never thought I say this) have achieve parity with multi-console games. I was surprised with madden and i'm...liking this. So, I guess it's controller to sway your decision.

Bnet3433688d ago

I don't know which version to get either but maybe I'll get PS3 because I just have waaaaayyyy to many Xbox 360 games.

dragunrising3688d ago

Multi-console owner and undecided on which version to get. I was leaning towards the PS3 as my library isn't as big.

Remember the Toys R' Us deal? Buy 2 one free. figured out a way you can swap out the two non-free games to get two games you want that aren't out yet. Here's the link:

TheIneffableBob3688d ago

According to IGN, both versions are practically identical apart from the PS3 version having slightly better loading times. (PS3 version doesn't require an HDD install).

SuperM3687d ago

Wow, PS3 version have better loading time without any install?

Well thats good news, hopefully this is because developers are getting a hang of the ps3 so we will see more of this in the future.

Mozilla893687d ago

Cause I was surprised that it didn't have an install. Maybe EA is trying to be nice to PS3 owners after all.

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