Ubisoft reveal Arcade Mode for Far Cry 5 | GodisaGeek

Dan Murphy: "I got my hands on Arcade Mode for a brief amount of time and while I didn’t think either single player map that I played was particularly enthralling it did show the potential of what could be created when the imagination of the community takes hold."

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TheCommentator286d ago

Ooh! Art assets from Watchdogs and Assassin's Creed in the Map Editor... SP, MP, and COOP map editing too! It also looks like lighting no longer bleeds through solid objects like walls. I'm really excited for the Editor!!!

OT: Why are the commentators so oblivious to the Map Editors though? Far Cry 1, 2, and 3 all had MP editing and Far Cry 4 had SP editing. Primal had nothing. They could have looked it up instead of sounding like fools trying to figure it out, but they ramble on about how it resembles the Doom "Snap Map" instead.

GodisaGeek278d ago

Sorry, very late reply! Adam vaguely remembered the map editor, as you can hear him reaching, but he's an old man who is forgetful nowadays. Dan (the guy who played FC5's Arcade Mode) just plain never used the map editor.

But you're right about the fools part :-)

brianunfried286d ago

Far Cry 5 is looking better all the time, all we need now is a Battle Royale mode.

Newmanator285d ago

Why not? Just cus you don't want it then the rest shouldn't get it? Don't want it don't play it??

PhantomS42286d ago

Far Cry's map editor has always been extremely fun...but this turns the heat up! Can't wait!


Finally they brought back the editor!

stokedAF285d ago

Sounds great I wish more games would include more modes or editors. I’m a big fan of blood dragon so the announced DLC looks great to me also. It has that 80s feel again and blood dragon had a great sense of humor imo. I have far cry 3 on the 360 but the PS4 copy is nice. I really hope the game itself delivers because I think they nailed the general vision on where they need to go. If the game is good I think the gold version is actually worth the purchase in terms of value. I would seriously consider it and I don’t buy season passes unless it’s one of the few games I buy collectors editions on.