PS5 And Next Xbox Could Make “Big Move” Towards Procedural Content, Says Simul Software Dev

TrueSKY creator says generation of content will be more limited in terms of human capital.

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strayanalog280d ago

Procedural Content Generation, which is a basically the ability to create entire universes with the click of a button, is nothing new (Rouge, 1980, used it), but it could certainly cut development times.
Although technology has finally caught up to make something substantial, and I love the idea of experimentation for developers, one of PCG's biggest problems is everything eventually starts to feel the same. Mainly since it's essentially a drag and drop kind of deal, but again, with developer experience and time, this could be a very useful tool.

gameseveryday280d ago

Most of the tech is not new, yes, but developers build upon existing tech to make it better. As an example, Open world games were present on the PS2 in a way but their potential is being fully realized just recently.

Mr Pumblechook279d ago

No Man's Sky is procedurally generated.

vabaw279d ago

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chris235279d ago

the more procedural content the less my money will be moving. it is as easy as that. procedural generated content is bullshit. there, i said it. not going to buy another game that is big on this mechanic. maybe i‘ll have to find a new hobby, soon.

Software_Lover279d ago

You emphasized the wrong word. You should have put quotations around "Could".

Einhander1971279d ago

My true passion is retro gaming, even though I have the latest stuff. But if the next gen turns everything to shit I won't personally bother, fed up with open world on line FPS rubbish to be honest. Hopefully Sony and Nintendo will continue to make great single player games.

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