X-Play: Tenchu 4 First Look

Producer Mashori Takeuchi talks to Morgan Webb about the upcoming Tenchu 4.

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INehalemEXI3712d ago

The best part of Redsteel for me was the sword action. This looks good better then the last couple tenchu's for sure.

Zerodin3712d ago

LOVE it in the preview.
Then give it a 1 out of 5 come review time.

blynx1823712d ago

I hope it improves upon what the previous Tenchu games, as well as what Redsteel have done.

ChickeyCantor3711d ago

"The best part of Redsteel for me was the sword action"
Wait wait wait! you are being sarcastic right? tell me that was sarcasm? =(
The only good thing about Redsteel was the fast paced gun actions!

A friend of mine really hates tenchu after tenchu 2...wonder how he will think about this game. The original gamedevelopers are behind it right?