PS5 May Play PS4 Games - Sony Patent Updated

The PS5 backwards compatibility rumor is igniting following an update to a Sony patent.

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FallenAngel1984282d ago

Not PS5 “may”, PS5 “better” play PS4 games

G20WLY282d ago

Yeah, would be nice to whack my PS4 favourites into PS5. I'd rather the feature was there, but honestly, it is only a small factor to me - I'm very likely a day one PS5 buyer unless something goes horribley wrong lol

WilliamSheridan282d ago

They would be absolute fools for it not to be backwards compatible

VenomUK282d ago

Look at the patent, notice the name Mark Evan Cerny! This means he's the man behind this. Hopefully he's still partnering with Sony. He made many great design choices for the PS4 so he would be a big win for the PS5 design.

subtenko282d ago

All these exclusives still coming out, I dont want online games on ps4 to have a short life just because ps5 comes out. Thats what happened a little with PlayStation Allstars. Soon as I got ps4 the ps3 was done, I just dont keep old consoles hooked up

fr0sty281d ago

That was the whole reason they moved to the x86 architecture, ease of development and backwards compatibility. Of course it will be able to play PS4 games, it likely will also enhance them.

denawayne281d ago

Last I remember, BC didn't matter. Everyone should already have all their old systems in their attic to plug into whenever they want to play old games. Me? Almost all of my games are digital so it's a seamless experience going from one system to the next without ever changing controllers or discs.
"Ok, but they could shut down the servers at any moment!" I'll be dead when that happens, so I don't give a F*%&! Digital all the way. BC, including games from the very first system. Eat it.

Xenophon_York281d ago

Not important in my decision to plop a state-of-the-art PlayStation 5 cozily alongside my PlayStation 4 Pro—hopefully in white.

With all the XBOX One gamers switching I do empathise with them and their expectation for backwards compatibility with the PlayStation platform. Hopefully they will be happy enough with the influx of top-notch current-gen games and realize no longer will they need to squander in the previous-gen's library—used to the lackluster approach to new releases of a certain other console.

WhyHate281d ago

Sony is doing what Sony does best, follow Microsoft's lead. It was true for the 360 era of gaming, it's true in this X1 era, as far as system feature sets and unfortunately system level DRM adoption. Now Sony proves that fact farther with the next generation of systems.

Mark my words, the next PS, will just be an under powered Next Generation XBOX.

mkis007281d ago

@ why hate

...With actual games that set it apart.

Skull521281d ago

Oh it will play PS4 games, they'll just come with REMASTERED stamped on them and cost you $60.

badz149281d ago

Xbox fanatics are coming out in droves now mocking Sony on this BC decision even when nothing is confirmed yet. scared, ha? because if Sony does BC with the PS5, then there's no ammo left for you losers to bash them, right?

I'm not really counting on BC because I'll be buying the PS5 for new games anyway but if it's there, then KUDOS to Sony for going back to their roots on BC like they did PS2 and early PS3

StormSnooper281d ago

Pretty much a PS5 is a must buy for me regardless of any backward or what not.

Kavorklestein281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Idk about "mocking" as far as my comments are concerned, but I will say: If this is true, Sony may end up contradicting their earlier statements about BC being "not worth it" or "nobody uses or cares about BC" to paraphrase to the best of my recollection.

Serious question: If people don't care about old games or BC, then why try to SELL Ps2 games? If they thought there might be enough demand that they they could SELL old titles on one hand, how can they turn around and deny it's significance on the other hand? Especially when BC is typically a FREE feature?

mikeslemonade281d ago

BC doesn’t matter I hope PS5 can only play PS5 games.

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Pantz282d ago

What about PS1, PS2, and PS3 games?

Goldenhawk521282d ago

That’s Wicked singing “Let It Go”

_-EDMIX-_282d ago

I mean to be honest if your true gamer you should already own those systems, I'm sorry but there's just no excuse when these systems are less than $100 used off of Amazon.

I mean at some point if you're missing a whole bunch of games that you can't play because you refuse to buy the systems used you're literally saying you would rather not play a damn game for years on end in hopes of waiting for a company to give you a free system.

I don't know about you but that sounds pretty stupid it's literally saying you value being cheaper than you do actually even being a gamer in the first place.

So PlayStation 5 is a day one for me regardless but I'm not selling my PlayStation 4 regardless of whether they do backwards compatibility or not I'm even looking to buy a PlayStation 4 Pro but I have no interest in selling my consoles.

If you really value those gaming libraries you would not have got rid of those systems or would have purchased Replacements long ago.

So it sounds to me like anybody crying about this are the fakest Gamers of all.

gyggyg282d ago

How utterly absurd, you can't possibly think for one minute of the dozens of reasons people may have for not keeping or buying those older systems?

I don't even have space for an extra console. If I got a PS5 then it would simply go where the PS4 is. You can't possibly imagine someone would rather be one of those sellers to get $100 towards the purchase of the PS5?

"i'm sorry but there's no excuse"... Childish

darthv72282d ago

Pantz... PS5 will play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games...... via PSNow

dumahim282d ago

"How utterly absurd, you can't possibly think for one minute of the dozens of reasons people may have for not keeping or buying those older systems? "

How about the one really big reason for buying or keeping those older systems? To play the games that were made for that system.

_-EDMIX-_281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

@gyg-what do you mean you don't have the room? Do you seriously think I just keep all of my electronics and all of the consoles I've ever bought on one desk or something? Buddy I'm only playing one game system at a time 😂😂😂 28514;.

I'm sorry but you can't call yourself a Gamer if you're sitting here waiting for a company to give you a free console all well not actually playing the games 😂😂😂

So I'm not sitting here waiting for Sega to release another Dreamcast I'm not sitting here waiting for Nintendo to have some secret way to play all N64 games I simply keep my older systems or actually buy the damn system used if I want to play the games if you're literally going to choose to not buy the system to play the content in instead of wait for someone to give it to you for free you're literally saying it is more important for you not to pay then to actually find a way to play the game.

I'm sorry but that's something I don't do

You're not going to find me sitting here waiting begging and pleading in tears like a child for a company to give me something for free.

I have a job ,common sense and Amazon exist for me to buy anything I want used anyway but good luck waiting 🐸☕

Eldyraen281d ago

Very unlikely since it would probably require separate hardware, just like PS3 had at launch to play ps2 games (fat is still best PS3 because of that). It’s entirely possible but just extremely unlikely as they’d have to manufacture that much more for every system adding to costs and product size/weight; and since they dropped it with PS3 it’s probably never going to happen again, on a hardware level anyways.

Streaming old games is their plan apparently unless you find old consoles and games. It would be nice though, but ps1/ps2 would probably be easier to add than PS3. Or so i assume since 3 had the cell processor which changed it more than any other console before it (Sony wise).

Pantz281d ago

Hmm it wouldn't look good if they don't. Xbox already has all generations of Xbox games playable on it's console.

1Victor281d ago

For PS1–3 I got a phat PS3 60gig🤯(lol that was a lot back then for a console) so I’m golden 🎉🎊 😍

Pantz281d ago

Me too @1Victor I hope it never breaks. *Back to playing Haze*

strayanalog281d ago

Honestly, that would be pretty cool if it did have backwards compatibility with four generations of hardware, especially if it were by actual discs.
But, sadly, probably wouldn't happen because that would make PS Now obsolete. We can dream of that ace, though!

kreate280d ago

I don't think any system would have Bc to PS3 games.

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Z501282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Just keep the console you bought the games for. Seems like the more intelligent solution.

WilliamSheridan282d ago

Yeah it's not like a company would give you free upgraded and enhanced backward compatible titles.

Doge282d ago

True that. I accepted the fact that I won’t be able to play PS1/2 games on the PS4 and later found out I can get a better quality via RGB on those 2 consoles. Makes the emulation of PS1/2 games on PS3/4 look like garbage.

Razzer282d ago

“Yeah it's not like a company would give you free upgraded and enhanced backward compatible titles.”

If that company barely makes any new games then what is the point? No one buys a console just to play last gen games.

Brian7655492282d ago

Wouldn't having one system do it all be better? We have already seen how a more powerful console can actually improve older titles so to me the best scenario would be the PS5 playing PS4 titles and using its brute force like Beast Mode.

_-EDMIX-_282d ago

Whoa slow down with all that logic.

darthv72282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@Z501, you would think but older hardware tends to fail at some point where as newer technology can extend the life of older warez.

@Razzer, people buy a console to play games. New or old, no matter so long as they are playing games they enjoy. Plus it seems many are enjoying the older fruits from the tree as of late with the popularity of things like retropie. They are playing older games on newer means and having fun doing it so at least having the option is never a bad thing.

NXFather281d ago Show
Kosic281d ago

Sadly space does become an issue for many.
Sony knows we want BC. But they tried to be greedy and charged for it (PSNow). If Xbox 5 starts with Xbox one BC and further. It'll force Sony to rethink.

TedCruzsTaint281d ago

Yeah. Those playing 4k versions of past xbox games are so dumb ...

bolimekurac281d ago

its funny how some gamers say they buy a console to play new and exciting games yet all i see is gamers super happy with old games on the switch, remakes on the ps4 and xbox and pay for these old games .

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iofhua282d ago

It will. At first.

Then they will cut it from the redesign and you'll be floating down shit creek.

But you'll buy the Ps6 anyway.

bluefox755282d ago

Of course we will, it will have the best games. Most people buy a console to play new games not old ones.

Sitdown282d ago

But if you haven't played the game before, isn't it new to you? 🤔

Aenea282d ago

If it's in software they do not need to 'cut it'....

neutralgamer1992282d ago (Edited 282d ago )


i think it's pretty much common sense for ps5 to be able to play ps4 games since they will have similar PC type design where as ps3 used the cell processor. Honestly speaking i hope sony uses the MS tactics and from launch of ps4 all ps1 and ps2 games along with ps4 are BC(imagine that announcement and the positive PR)

as someone who only owns a ps4 i may buy a xbox x when it's under $350 to play some of the original xbox/xbox360 titles which look/play better

Aenea282d ago

It will....

They've always had BC in their console, the PS4 doesn't for a well known reason, PS3 emulation needs rather more powerful hardware to do it right (and yes, it IS way more difficult than x360) and now since MS supports it and they and their users are making a lot of noise about it I'm sure the PS5 will again be BC...

Kribwalker281d ago

so, you would like to play old games? 🤔

Aenea281d ago


Where did I say that, hmm? I was just answering a question which was on-topic. Your post is not...

DigitalRaptor280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

It's certainly a weird question to ask, isn't it Aenea?

WelkinCole281d ago

Yeah it should and would still keep the price low because PS5 should be using the same architecture as the PS4.

I was fine with the PS4 not being BC because I still keep my PS3 next to my PS4 however with the PS5 I would like to replace my PS4 with it.

Also seeing with the PS3 I hardly used its BC functions and it really put the cost up which affected Sony badly at the start of the PS3 era.

DarXyde281d ago

Even better if it plays PS4 games as like a PS4 Pro Plus.

fathertime4464281d ago

Damn straight all next gen better be! If they're going to end this cycle shorter than the last one all the while the machines aren't even fully optimized and utilized like they're predecessors they better damn well make concessions for back compat

rainslacker281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Having read the patent abstract this may actually be for PS3 BC. The only reason to disrupt timing on a system that uses the same architecture, is to mimic the timing used in a completely different architecture. x86 doesn't require timing interrupts of this nature at the hardware level, as CISC doesn't actually process tasks until another process is done, and the software calls for the next bit of code that it needs processed. The timing itself is done through software and it won't act on an execution before it's supposed to. Because of this, the software itself isn't timed like it is in RISC low level code. However, when you look at something like the SPE's in the PS3's CELL, timing is extremely important....which is why it was so hard to program for....something that wasn't carried over into the GPU compute paradigm that took over CELL functions.

Since I doubt Sony is going to be going with a CPU which is powerful enough to run SPE code, they're likely looking at a way to perform these SPE functions through the GPU with GPU Compute, which would suggest that the PS5 GPU may be more substantial than one might expect. Current and even projected GPU's still aren't fast enough or poweful enough to keep up with how fast the SPE's could process certain kinds of code, but this kind of interrupting would be a way to do such a thing as timing would be done on the hardware level to interpret it for the software layer.

Either that, or there may be timing issues with PS4's set up which may not be present in the PS5. Or just Sony patenting an idea they have to handle stuff because they do that sometimes too.

Time will tell I guess. But I've become much more intrigued about what Sony's future plans may be.

Kavorklestein281d ago

Nice brainstorming, I think you may have some good points there.

Tech really is fascinating especially when it resonates with you as a gamer, being able to enjoy such fun, challenging, and unique activities because of, or thru technology.

To me you seem like one of these kinds of people who gets into the parts and design kind of like a car enthusiast would. Or by a further stretch, sports and comic book fans, and even music lovers. For some, Sometimes the technique, mastery, craft, or engineering or evolution behind these things is just as intruguing as the objects and activities themselves.

Big fans and People like that are always cool in my book.

Cheerio, Sir.

strifeblade281d ago

but but I don't care about backwards compatibility!

IamTylerDurden1281d ago

Of course PS5 will be backwards compatible, hence the advantages of x86. I don't know why anyone ever thought it wouldn't be?

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Mr-Dude282d ago

It better, Sony doesn't have the Cell chip excuse anymore. Otherwise it would be the first PlayStation console I would buy used later in the gen. And go full PC on the rest..

Make it right Sony

Jamaicangmr282d ago

I could never comfortably buy a used console. I would never really trust it's durability under my type of usage.

Goldenhawk521282d ago

Damn, well then what IS your type of usage? Grilling hotdogs and hamburgers?

ZeroX9876282d ago

Well cleaned area, frequently cleaned up the fans for proper ventilation, not having your console in a closed environment where it could overheat. never dropped it when bringing to a friend's place, never smoked in the same room as your console, etc.
That kind of usage.

_-EDMIX-_282d ago

So what's a better alternative? Literally not playing games at all? at the end of the day I've bought multiple systems used and never really had big problems with them because at the price that I'm paying for by the timing issue arises the system used will be even cheaper.

So I recently actually bought a used Nintendo Wii for one of my family members as well as actually buying a used PlayStation 4 for my sister.

Trust me buddy it's not that big a deal I even bought the 3 DS used so please stop trying to pretend as if buying it second-hand is some sort of sacrilege it's just such a stupid excuse to not play a game.

So what's the alternative? Sitting down and waiting for a company To support a Library of software that they may never actually do? I mean all the time you're actually wasting you probably could have beaten many of those games you wanted to play several times over.

So I'm not waiting for Sony to do any type of backwards compatibility I'm not waiting for Capcom to rerelease onimusha , buddy I already randomly replayed the series a couple weeks ago, but by all means you're free to keep waiting for miracles to happen 😎

I don't mind buying used, I keep my systems, I complete the games that I like and I move on

Oh, but you wait because you don't want to be spending money... Good luck with that lifestyle let me know how that's working out for you 😂😂😂

NXFather281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Leaving it on for a yr straight all while keeping the most intense games paused for weeks at a time.

Edit: Sorry this was aimed @Goldenhawk

Jamaicangmr281d ago

@ Goldenhawk521 You made me laugh out at work. However @ZeroX9876 basically listed my concerns with general care and why i purchase my consoles new. Specially regular vent cleaning and ensuring it is always located where it can breath properly at all times. Also what @NXFather that is horrifying to think it was put though that kinds of abuse but definitely motivation to be a first owner. I buy all my consoles Day one except the first Playstation and that's because i couldnt afford it while i was in school back in Jamaica.

Jamaicangmr281d ago

@EDMIX i just stated that i wouldn't be afforded the peace of mind i enjoy while using my consoles if it were used. How did you get to sacrilege? Damn bro Smh!

frostypants281d ago

What are you doing with it beyond turning it on and playing games?

Eldyraen281d ago

Same, and I’ve thought about buying consoles even.

N64 on I’m okay for thankfully, as they’re my originals, but older consoles not so much. Wish when i was a kid the family kept my old systems but we always sold them to friends to upgrade. Which was great at the time but less so for nostalgic purposes of today.

You just never know who, or how many, has had hands on the older consoles and games at this point. NES, Sega, SNES, etc (which are not applicable for BC/Sony talk, but relevant on same principles) especially. But original PS1 will be 20 soon which leaves the same sort of questions for people nowadays.

You have to find a trusted source or just hope you’re lucky for most ps2 or earlier systems and games. PS3 and 360 is still new enough where they’ve probably not traded hands quite as much.

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frostypants281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

It's not always that easy. What's Microsoft's excuse for the One not being truly BC with the 360? The "BC" they offer is really just them reprogramming 360 games to run on the One, and offering them for download. Granted the systems are similar enough to make that more feasible than between the PS4 and PS3, but it's still not true BC.

Most consoles throughout history have not been fully BC with the prior gen. The OG PS3 was a rare exception, and it did it by literally having PS2 hardware on the motherboard. Other than some of the 1980s Atari systems I can't think of any others.

nitus10281d ago

I think you mean recompiling not reprogramming.

From what I can gather and I quote from a Google search:

"Microsoft announced Xbox One backward compatibility at E3 2015 and started rolling out the function on November 12, 2015. Xbox 360 discs do not play natively but trigger a download of a compatible file, while downloadable titles tied to the logged-in user account appear automatically. Dec 18, 2017"

So basically you can't just stick in an XBox350 disk in an XB1 and expect it to play via an emulator.

I would also assume that you will not be able to play the XBox360 game unless you insert the disk or "of course" pay for the digital game from the store.

BTW. The PS2 could play PS1 games natively and all PS3's can play PS1 games natively. Only the Original FAT PS3's as you quite rightly pointed out could play PS2 games by basically having a PS2 in the machine although the PAL versions had a combination of PS2 hardware and software emulation which only allowed approximately 85~90% of PS2 titles to be played.

PhoenixUp282d ago

I don’t even get why PS4 can’t naturally play PS1 & PS2 games.

Playing PS1 especially games has always been a time honored tradition by every PlayStation system(console, handheld, & even phone) until PS4 arrived.