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Impulse Gamer: PSVR’S Quiller App - An enchanting journey through the world of a living storybook, Moss could very well be PSVR’s finest experience to date, although the truncated running time may be a bitter pill to swallow for some.

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NecrumOddBoy279d ago

The game length shouldnt be something to fault it for. The game tells complete story and there will be more in the future. VR technology is new and growing and Moss was designed quickly by such a small team, make sure they should be commemorated for the amazing work they did. Quill is a phenomenal character and Moss is a phenomenal game

Einhander1971279d ago

Agreed now Polyarc know they have a great franchise to work with, the future is bright for more adventures with Quill I hope :)

TheOttomatic91278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

I was enjoying the game but then it ended so suddenly ended, I hope book 2 will be released as DLC rather than a new release

That being said I loved the game my 2nd fav PSVR game