Fable II Website Live

The Fable II website has gone live and there is the opportunity to earn 5 items and gold at 1000 a go.

You play through a faux story to earn the five items.

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its a pretty funny couple of games
i won a chicken suit and a book of evil expressions
and a lionhead tattoo w/ a hero doll and a 1000 gold
yippy skippy check it out

Xandet3714d ago

Hey what paths did you choose to get the chicken suit? Through two plays I've got the Lionhead tattoo, the hero doll (good whole time), the book of evil expressions, and pink dye (evil whole time). Oh, and the 1k from the chicken kicking game..

SolidWarri0r3714d ago


Fable 2 will pwn all PS3 games.

sushipoop3714d ago

Fable 2 has PS2 graphics and bad frame rate, according to

fufotrufo3714d ago

and still owns haters like you! haha

Xandet3714d ago

More games need this kind of interactivity.. winning in-game items just for playing through the game's website? Genius!

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The story is too old to be commented.