How Arc System Works is Aiming for a Simpler Fighter with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

In the 1990’s, Capcom was the pinnacle of 2D art direction in the game industry. When word spread that the developer was working with the Marvel license in 1994, the reaction wasn’t the timid let’s-wait-and-see that Capcom fans adopt today. The reaction was automatic hype, because it was just obvious that regardless of anything else, Capcom’s art direction was going to blow our minds. And through that decade, it did.

Those days are gone for Capcom. But this isn’t really about them. It’s about those that have taken their crown.

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PhoenixUp281d ago

I got into Marvel vs Capcom primarily because of how simplified its controls were compared to the more technical fighters, plus its one of the most flashiest fighters

Arc System Works could pick up from where that series left off after the abysmal MvC:I. First With DBF and now Blazblue: CTB