For Years, PlayStation Plus Kept The Vita Alive

Last week, Sony announced that the Vita, along with PS3, will stop getting monthly games through the PlayStation Plus subscription service in March 2019. In the wake of that news, it’s worth remembering: Vita owners never had an easy go of things, but it would have been a whole lot worse without PlayStation Plus.

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jznrpg282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

It is Japanese games and some good indies that keeps it alive

Tross282d ago

This.^ The Vita is a great system if you like Japanese games, and it's great for indie games too, although the latter are rarely ever exclusive. Still, certain games do feel right on the system, which is good enough for some people.

Fullmetalevolust282d ago

Yeah, thank you for saying that. I was just coming to this article to make the exact statement.
It's been third parties, indies and Japanese games.

rainslacker282d ago

No doubt. While I've liked the PS+ support on the Vita, it had a lot of 3rd party support. That support may not appeal to a ton of people, but it was certainly there keeping it alive to some degree.

SuperSonic91281d ago

Gamers kept it alive too. The big loyal following is undeniably there. Amazing!

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OB1Biker282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Or for years the media have been saying the Vita is dead and now they r going to shed crocodile tears saying it s still alIve after all?

InKnight7s282d ago

Because they dont like that MCs are expensives but they are fine till this day that its so rare that someone can buy Switch at MSRP price.

Kyizen282d ago

I'll be picking up StarDew Valley on it, that's for sure!

RosweeSon282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

And still will be for another year ends March 2019! Not that I’ve prob used mine in last 12
Months mainly kept mine for my ps1 classics

PhoenixUp282d ago

I’m certain PS+ played a large part in keeping interest in the handheld for the majority of its lifetime

I fear Sony won’t release another handheld after it, especially with the mobile market growing and Switch providing the console on the go experience that Sony’s been championing since their entrance into the portable space in 2004

Araragifeels 282d ago

The main reason that I bought a PSVITA was because of first PS+ Vita line up. Then I stop supporting my PS3 and decided to buy games for Vita (I barely bought PS4 games). It was all great until PlayStation decided to drop support for the Vita, I still continue to buy games but I started to play less since I already knew that PSVITA didn't have much. Then JP Third-party support came and gave me a reason to buy more title but now PS+ line up became trash, JP Third-party are jumping ship and I am playing less so I can continue playing my Vita without passing each game in a day or two.

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The story is too old to be commented.