Suda51 hasn't touched MotionPlus yet but he would like to use it if he could

Suda51 has provided a comment stating he would like to use Wii MotionPlus in No More Heroes 2 if he could.

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kesvalk3711d ago

would be funny, that the first 1:1 lightsaber game would be NMH and not a star wars game XD...

PS360WII3711d ago

I like how the controls were used in NMH so if they ended up using motion plus I hope it would be just for the side jobs for getting money or something. I have faith in Suda though so if he uses it it'll be good ;)

Product3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

hmmmm he did an video interview with ign stating this game wasnt going to use motion plus

Gr813711d ago

Just seen that interview. He said He'd like to include motion plus in the game. He just couldn't give a definitive answer yet because he has yet to actually go hands on with M+ so he doesn't know much about it yet. What I do know is the first game was good, very unique, very fun. The controls were very intuitive and I loved performing the finishing moves. Looking forward to this one.

Captain_Sony3711d ago

I just watched that and he said he would like to but wasnt sure how it worked yet. He doesnt say he is not using it.

Product3711d ago

finishing moves rocked also the Dark Side moves were sweet
i liked the one where it made everyone go in super slow mo and you could go around and just destroy everyone.