Steam is So Poorly Moderated That It's Selling an Empty Game Folder

Steam is so poorly moderated that it's currently selling an empty game folder on its store, with Shadow: Treachery cannot be tolerated billing itself as an episodic FPS, yet there being no actual game stored in the empty folder given to buyers.

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chris235283d ago

that‘s exactly why i‘m buying maybe 1 game max per year on steam. it feels like playing at the local garbage disposal service browsing on steam,

dadavis1992283d ago

Oh come on... it literally takes an ounce of buyer discretion to avoid having this happen to you

TheUndertaker85283d ago

Yet the seller has no discretion in either instance. Steam is allowing this type of thing while sellers bank on nothing.

Goldenhawk521283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Where else are you going to buy your games from? Uplay? Origin? GOG? Microsoft Store? Are you just going to resort to buying physical media? Nowdays, PC games are just voucher codes for the most part. Steam has the biggest library of PC games in the PC gaming market. So because there are some games on Steam that are bad, you are just going to pretend that there are almost no good games on there? That’s like if you were to mostly avoid watching movies from AMC because they play some bad movies or only buy 1 thing from Amazon because some of the things they sell are not good. Literally EVERYWHERE you go is going to have something that is bad, it’s unnavoidable. All you need is to be mindfull of what you buy and that’s it. It’s how life is.

iofhua283d ago

Steam has the largest library of titles because it's 99% hot garbage. Have you browsed games on Steam lately? I can go through page after page after page of "games" and not find anything fun to play anymore.

There's something to be said for GOG. Not only do they keep their catalog DRM free, but it's mostly quality titles over there. They don't let random people sell hot garbage on GOG.

TekoIie283d ago


Then browse the games they recommend to you in your queue. Don't like it? Click not interested and the system will hopefully help you find something.

jivah282d ago

I still crave a time where I can see games listed on the front page from big studios and the smaller titles maybe underneath listed from most popular to hottest latest title whatever. And maybe a return to metacritic scores being listed on the side or something, so sorting would be easier. Cause the current layout of trash indies and shit games Being thrown at me. Feels like going into a store tryna find the good quality stuff I want. But having to dig through the shit stuff first. All in the name of.... well we want to give the little guy a chance too. F that. I want good games. I dont care about being fair. Good games will float to the top

XtaZ283d ago

There is so much garbage and scammy shit on the Steam store nowadays I hardly bother browsing it anymore, and when I do and find something new that looks interesting I spend like 5 minutes googling the game and have to double check the Steam community just to make sure it's not a scam. Let's hope there is some truth to the MS buying Valve rumors cause they are in dire need of some change in leadership.

MegamanXXX283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

You really think Microsoft buying valve would help? It will probably be the same

XtaZ283d ago

Except it probably wouldn't be the same because MS actually change most the things they acquire for the better. Just look at Minecraft or Mixer(Beam) as some of their more recent purchases which have changed massively for the better in a short period of time.

iofhua283d ago

As bad as Steam is right now, it would only get worse under Microsoft. Ever hear of Lionshead Studios or Digital Anvil? They don't exist today. They were purchased by Microsoft years ago and have been laid down to die.

XtaZ283d ago

Unlike all the other studios they have acquired which you so elegantly ignored to mention who are currently thriving under Microsoft.

Prince_TFK283d ago

Every publisher close down studios one way or another, not just MS.

KTF26283d ago

and the make it like Microsoft Store

if the game size is 50 GB you need to download at least 100 GB because the install will fail the first time and you need to download the whole thing again

XtaZ283d ago

Clearly a user error as I have never had this problem in any of the games I have downloaded.

Elwenil283d ago

Steam is like most other websites, including this one, that are mainly moderated by the community. The systems are all automated so only certain criteria will make the system automatically flag or deny it. It's up to you and the other members to flag or report things that sneak through and bring it to the attention of the management to have them work it out. If you aren't flagging bad things, then you only have yourself to blame. All this complaining about things that show up here, or on Steam or YouTube is useless as all the systems are automated and don't know what belongs and what doesn't and can't play the games, read the articles or watch the videos and recognize the good from the bad. It's up to the members to police it. If you have issues with the amount of junk on Steam, then you should blame the person looking back at you in the mirror.

XtaZ283d ago

You seem to be missing the point that many these games should not have to be moderated by Steam users in the first place because they should never have ended up in the store to begin with! Valve is supposed to test and make sure any game added to the store via Steam Direct is actually running on their operating systems, and when a "game" that is being sold is just an completely empty folder it just shows that Valve themselves failed at even the most basic internal jobs and testing requirements they have set for themselves and don't even look at the trash that is being added to their store.

Elwenil282d ago


Please link me to where Steam says that they will test every game put on the store.

XtaZ282d ago

"Review processes. Building a release pipeline to support thousands of developers and millions of customers is a delicate balance. We specifically don't want an onerous and detailed certification process that makes it difficult for developers to release games, but we also want some level of confidence that games are configured correctly and aren't going to do unexpected things to customers' computers. So we have a couple of brief review periods where our team plays each game to check that it is configured correctly, matches the description provided on the store page, and doesn't contain malicious content. These processes shouldn't take more than a day or two unless we find something configured incorrectly or problematic."

Elwenil282d ago

Ok, you got me there. I admit defeat. I have to say I am actually surprised that they would claim that considering the sheer volume of games going on the store these days. I honestly did not think they would do that, much less publicly make the claim.

With that said, looking at the page now it appears to have been an issue with the store rather than a scam of that caliber since people are claiming to have played the game now. It's apparently still a crap game, and may still be a scam considering how bad it is, but it does seem to work so it may have just been a glitch or mistake.

But no excuses, I was wrong about the Steam statement and I admit that but I still think Steam is a good thing. And that is coming from someone who originally thought of it as little better than a virus to slow down my Pentium 4. ;D

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KTF26282d ago

Except this user error happen a lot specially for people with bad Internet
and it rarely happen on Steam or even Uplay

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Gwiz283d ago

Steam (Valve) is only interested in selling weapon skins.

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