PSN Pundit: What Should Sony Do Next with PSN?

You've gotta give kudos. The folks behind the PlayStation Network have done some really compelling things in the way of content over the last year. Games like PixelJunk Eden are effortless to learn but difficult to master. The online element of the upcoming LittleBigPlanet will be huge. Resistance 2 is going to rock online, too, with a mammoth 60 players trying hard to control chaos in Skirmish mode.

And yet, the PlayStation Network is not considerably different from Microsoft's Xbox Live -- which, in turn, is not so different from Nintendo's Virtual Console. So, what could the PlayStation Network do that's really new?

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Sony should make sure LBP servers are up and running :D!!!!!!!!

HighDefinition3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Then move on, to the next FREE service.

Keep it FREE.

Let me keep my "gamer tax" for games.


Chitown712913716d ago

But they should allow videos saved on your xmb, DVD's,and Blu-Rays, accessible through Remote Play. Also cross game voice chat( a feature everybody bi#@hes about). I also think they should allow PS2 games available though the PS Store. The PS3 already has too many features, but this is the icing on the cake for me.

PirateThom3716d ago

They are accessible through remote play. Videos definitely are, I've used it.

Chitown712913716d ago

Are DVD's and Blu-Ray's, I'm just curious?

barom3716d ago

If there's one feature I would like above else, it's definitately Voice Chat since messaging people is a bit slow. Apart from that I'm very happy with my experience.

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ionisdialos3716d ago

Multiple PSN sign ins
jesus christ
if we had this psn would deff be officially better then LIVE

party time comes
we want to play cod4 with 4 dudes online
im sick of not having multiple sign ins

DrWan3716d ago

PSN has new and innovative and cutting edge tech games...the other two is mostly filled with old a$$ games (overpriced too)

plain rice3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

How about the ability to change usernames like XBL? Not like I change usernames but my friends sure do all the time. It's pretty annoying asking who it is, deleting their old names off the list, then accepting all the time.

EDIT: Another nice feature Sony should implement is a Clan system. Even a very basic one. A list separate from the friends list but with leadership roles and bulletin boards. Maybe Sony should borrow the clan system from Socom.

Skyyo3715d ago

I agree to a point.

allow devs to associate your clan on the XMB.

but a whole clan list isnt gonna help.

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The story is too old to be commented.