Xbox 360 Blu-ray: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg insists no again

Since the death of the HD DVD format and the fact that Blu-ray was the victorious winner, there have been a huge amount of rumors that the Xbox 360 is to get a Blu-ray player. The answer back then from Microsoft was that there was no truth in those rumors.

The rumors have surfaced yet again, and still the answer from Microsoft remains the same. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg decided to hit back at all the rumors and still insists no, Blu-ray will not be coming to the Xbox 360.

Greenberg did have a dig at Sony, saying that they do not expect people to pay for something that they do not need. Microsoft are still standing firm and say that their future is with providing online digital distribution.

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RyuStrife3688d ago

Digital Distribution huh? At least promote HDD so people will know more about that. Or get rid of the Arcade and sell the 20gb for 199. I think that would be great.

SL1M DADDY3687d ago

It's not that they are going to make an add-on for the 360 but rather put BD in their next Xbox. Digital Distribution will not be that prevelent and the consoles will still need at least one more generation before going completely digital so it's a no-brainer that they would use BD or some proprietary disc and my guess is that with production costs declining on the BD side of things, they will go that route.

nieto23688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

then make an add-on and not built-in blu-ray player stupid...

n4gzz3687d ago

they surely made hd-dvd and robbed whoever fell for it.

KARMA20093687d ago

they would have to pay royalties to Sony. So this would never happen,cant wait for 2009 movies to come out,more people are going BLU...

deeznuts3687d ago

They have no problem in making you pay MORE for stuff you do need though. A lot more.

DavidMacDougall3688d ago

I really wana kill Aaron Greenberg like no joking i wana kill him

Zerodin3688d ago

The mind of a Sony droid.

n4gzz3687d ago

i will provide you tools :D

Rhythmattic3687d ago

@Aaron Greenberg

The mind of an Xbot.

Zerodin3688d ago

"MGS4 will come to 360."
"A FFVII remake is on the way."
"Microsoft is adopting Blu-ray."

Harry Pothead3687d ago

Looks like Blu-Ray is about to get another spike in sales with the anticipated release of Harry Pothead and the Ass of Fire exclusively on Blu-Ray disc, in stores Oct. 27.

Jackthepwnsaur3687d ago

sounds like an awesome movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.