In Nintendo, Bayonetta has found the most unlikely saviour

What's the best title to have come from PlatinumGames? My own answer changes with the wind - sometimes it's the just about perfect third-person shooter Vanquish, other times it might be the outrageously eccentric Wonderful 101 - but when it comes to the purest expression of what the industrious Osaka studio is about, then there's only really one answer. And that's the brilliant Bayonetta, of course.

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Zeldafan64284d ago

Will get around to playing these eventually.

Old McGroin284d ago

Finished the first Bayonetta a few days ago, great game and ahead of its time when it was originally released. Diving back in to Xenoblade Chronicles for a while now before starting Bayonetta 2, never played it on Wii U. If the first game is anything to go by then Bayonetta 3 will be spectacular.

gamer7804284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Savior from increased console resolution and upgraded visuals :(

gamer7804283d ago

slightly better AA from the original 360/PS4 but thats about it, the xbox one x still is the best version of bayo1 for consoles.

michellelynn0976283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Not for me. I can play Bayo 1 or 2 anywhere and I like the Nintendo community better. And you can't play Bayo 2 on Z Box One X.

chris235284d ago

bayonetta is way overrated. sure, it has got a nice grindy game engine. but then again, there are other games on the planet where you don't have to buy a subpar gadget to being able to play it.

Neonridr284d ago

Millions of gamers that own one will disagree with you. But you can be that guy if you want.

Ironically enough, I am guessing this game wouldn't be overrated if it wasn't just on the Switch.

michellelynn0976284d ago

Bingo. It is Nintendo hatred and it is sad to see how much hatred some have on this site.

Benjaminkno284d ago

“Overrated” like the same copy paste likes of CoD or Assassins creed that sell millions every year?

Troll harder

Pancit_Canton284d ago

I like Beyonetta, but Nintendo can't save it from commercial failure without it's mainstream audience.

marloc_x283d ago

Bayonetta 2, sold more copies on a Nintendo..

..than the first did across the other two machines combined.

Pancit_Canton283d ago

Sorry bud, but anything that didn't sold over a million is a commercial failure.

Lime123280d ago

Bayonetta 2 sold worse than Bayonetta 1 on X360 in Japan where Xbox doesn't exist

Pancit_Canton283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

On two different platform.

Wii U and Switch

The people who bought the Wii U version bought the switch version as well.

Segata283d ago

Between 30 or so million systems Bayonetta 2 sold 1,4 million units. Bayonetta 1 on 160 million consoles sold 1.8 million. Nintendo has the better attach rate for the series. Bayonetta has a larger audience on Nintendo systems. She was in 4 games on Wii U. Bayo1, Bayo2, Wonderful 101 and Smash Bros. With Bayo3 confirmed for Switch, you don't get the 3rd game if the second was a total failure. Troll harder.

michellelynn0976283d ago

Um no. 1.4 million on Wii U alone.

Lime123280d ago

"Bayonetta 2 released Sept. 20 in Japan, and is showing low sales so far.

38,828 copies of Bayonetta 2 were sold since release, according to 4gamer. By comparison, the first Bayonetta sold 135,242 copies on PS3 and 64,325 on Xbox 360 in 2009 during its first week. That's an 81 percent decrease in first-week sales between the first entry and its sequel, which is a Wii U exclusive. However, the game was released Saturday, September 20th, and hasn't actually spent a full week in stores. "

It sold worse than Bayonetta 1 on X360 in Japan where Xbox doesn't exist? hahahahahahaahah

marloc_x280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Nice spin there Lime..haha!

How many PS3s and 360s where in the country at that time?

Besides the lopsided attach rate you are is not even comparing a full week of

Thanks for reaching out..
..but it's sad really.

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