Retro-Gamers Rejoice! Pre-Order Your SupaBoy SFC Today

Hyperkin are set to launch an updated version pf the Supaboy S this week and you can pre-order yours today.

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Sgt_Slaughter224d ago

I imagine it's due to price, but why on EARTH would you use a 16:9 display for a console designed for 4:3? That makes absolutely no sense, and almost every review I've seen of the previous model criticizes that aspect of it. The first had it perfect.

Loktai223d ago

Yeah seriously what the hell is up with that?

Eonjay223d ago

It probably has black borders with the option to zoom to 16:9

Bismarn223d ago

Buy a used PSP - every 16 bit and 8 bit game in existence.

Sgt_Slaughter223d ago

Since this isn't actual hardware, I support this option.

PSP, PSP Go, PS Vita, N3DSXL/N2DSXL, Portable Raspberry Pie 3, etc., are fantastic options for retro emulation.