Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack DLC Is Live Now, Full Price Revealed

Final Fantasy XV has received a brand new update recently that patches the game to add support for the upcoming Royal Edition update. The Royal Edition will feature a Royal Pack DLC that is also available for all the base game users.

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Chaosdreams106d ago

Hmph, still a tad steep. I'll wait and see if others find the price justifiable. I'm looking for (if it's even possible at this point) concrete additions to the story done in a neat way. If this pack gives just that, I'll plunge once more.

PhoenixUp106d ago

Was hoping it’d be $10

TheUberAsian105d ago

Is there any reason why this doesn't include the Season Pass content? Would I be better off buying the Season Pass instead of the Royal DLC Pack?

zaherdab105d ago

from the looks of it there is much more value in the season pass than this dlc

SirBradders105d ago

Was thinking the same bro. Royal dlc looks lack luster.

Chaosdreams105d ago

If you haven't purchased the season pass yet, you are much better off trading in your current copy and picking up the Royal Edition which includes the base game, all season pass content and the Royal pack.

Matrix6105d ago

For anyone who doesn't have the game at all, getting the physical version of the Royal Edition for around US$40 is a pretty good deal imo.

FallenAngel1984105d ago

This isn’t even the game’s final form...I mean ultimate edition

There’s still more upcoming DLC planned

showtimefolks105d ago

That's what I am waiting for to truly enjoy the full experience

FallenAngel1984105d ago

I just hope that all future content is covered under the season pass

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