Record of Grancrest War Game Announced for PS4 by Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco announced just another anime game for PS4, Record of Grancrest War, alongside a mobile JRPG titled Record of Grancrest War: Quartet of War.

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AizenSosuke282d ago

Yes please more exclusives

Viryu281d ago

The anime is currently mid season, the story is so so. It went downhill after just couple episodes due to the main female protagonist losing her strong character, turning it into a typical damsel in distress which quickly falls in love in the male hero cliche. Story aside though, this game's gameplay actually looks quite nice. For a moment I thought this was supposed to be Granblue, but when I saw the video I thought something was awkward XD

TekoIie281d ago

Yeah, I think its something that had potential but just lost it once they put Theo's "quest" on hold.

It's got some cool themes but just falls short on making itself stand out.

aarallen1281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

That's really close to Record of Lodoss War.

Vanfernal281d ago

Well it's the same creator so...

aarallen1279d ago

I had no idea Ryo Mizuno wrote a new fantasy. So... Thanks for letting me know, in your own annoying, snarky way.

Chevalier281d ago

Like Vanfernal said its a story by Ryo Mizuno the creator of Lodoss wars so thats not a surprise

spartan112g281d ago

I would have cared if last episode wasn’t so bad. 😞