Monster Hunter: World Becomes Best-Selling Capcom Title With 7.5 Million Units Worldwide

Monster Hunter: World sees players take on the role of a hunter that completes various quests to hunt and slay monsters within a lively living and breathing eco-system full of predators…. and prey.

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DeadSilence284d ago

But but Switch versions but but won't sell on Playstation hahahaha

Protagonist283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Mind you some nintendo fanboys even wanted the game to fail, just to prove it should have been made for the switch instead. You will not find more deluded fanboys than the nintendo ones.


You mean just like PS fan boys wanted it to fail when the series went to the DS?

Ciporta1980283d ago

Let's be honest this gen there has been one particular set of fanboys who have been far more deluded than any set of console fanboys have ever been.

UCForce283d ago

@VINNIEPAZ Well, you are no different. Besides, the original Monster Hunter was on PS2.

Neonridr283d ago

I picked it up on my PS4 day one. I will get the next MH Switch title which will most likely be a completely different game.

Father__Merrin283d ago

Switch fanboys are the worst. Same with Wii fanboys back in the day

PurpHerbison283d ago

Vinnie, I didn't want it to fail when it went to the DS, I just wanted them to put some real effort in. Reusing the PS2 engine all those years on the DS made sense. But there should have also been a MAIN Monster Hunter title on consoles too. Finally out of the dark years where MH got dragged through the mud. About time Capcom.

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GottaBjimmyb283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Honestly, there is no reason that it should have sold so well IMO, it is a very unpolished game, and you cannot even do coop properly for of the assigned missions. It makes one player play 90% through before you can even join, so 3 people just wait for 20 minutes while the other guy tries to get all the cut-scenes to trigger, then have a 4 minute fight. Half of the monsters can stun you, by roaring, with no way to dodge and almost no animation to warn you and you just get stuck there, dying 50% of the time because you cannot move. (and only able to be negated MUCH later in the game) I don't mind stuns and paralyze, but the implementation is just stupid, it is basically just RNG sometimes. when you break parts, it will randomly drop materials, but never tells you if they dropped and are almost unable to be seen unless you just happen to be near it. Lots of just really stupid things that just shouldn't exist.

I mean, I guess I speak as someone who intended to play a coop based game in coop, so I guess to be fair solo players probably don't have too many issues.

Eonjay283d ago

According to everyone who plays Monster Hunter, this was the best implementation since the series began.

PurpHerbison283d ago

I'm really sorry bro, but it sounds like you just need to get better at the game. You seem to have absolutely no idea that there is counters to the stuff you complain about. But even without those counters majority of the monsters moves are TELEGRAPHED and easily avoidable with just a little bit of stamina management. The assignments weren't a big deal either as you blow past them so incredibly fast. The only time I complained was literally on day one then I realize it wasn't bad at all. I'm actually confused you have trouble finding parts as the game tells you on the right side of the screen if parts are in the area. It actually holds your hand for that aspect of the game and I wish it didn't.

Lord_Sloth283d ago

90% is a terrible exaggeration. You have to watch the cutscene with the monster in question. That's it. After that the others are free to join in and it's only on the 1st playthrough of the mission. If you leave the quest after the scene then rejoin or if you play it again you don't have to do that. I dislike the feature but don't lie about it.

You can totally dodge roars. My cousin does it all the time, you can block them too (usually what I do)! You just have to learn to predict the monster's habits and strategies, then you can predict them. That's the whole point of the franchise! It isn't just some hack n slash action game, it's a hunting game and, while this edition holds your hand a lot more than the previous games did, it doesn't give you all the answers. Only experience can do that. If you won't put in the time you just won't get there.

GottaBjimmyb283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

@eon never played the other so just judging based on itself as an independent title.

@purp I have no problem doing well in the game, just think the coop sucks. Good job on the cliche "get gud" comment though, so thoughtful...

If you like it, fine, I think it is a mess.

DEKUX12283d ago

im not going to lie i do enjoy this game but. the online sucks. the lobbys are always empty no one sees one other or really joins you unless there on ur freind list i just think the play station community sucks like no one even used the chat on the 3ds and wii an wii u versions ppl formed real groups and made friendships this one not so much

xPhearR3dx283d ago

I honestly believe you don't even have the game. So much info you posted is just flat out wrong. There's no "cut scenes" you have to watch. There's a SINGLE cut scene for every new monster in the game. The second you find that monster and the cut scene finishes, you can play. If you fail, you don't need to wait next time. This ONLY applies to "assigned" missions. Every other aspect of the game doesn't require you to watch anything. Not being able to watch a cut scene with a friend sucks, sure. But unpolished? What bugs have you encountered? Secondly, every time you break a part off a monster it pops up on the right awarding you research points and on the left of the screen shows nearby items. Nearly every single attack and roar has a build up animation that can range from a few seconds, to 5 seconds. Once you learn them, it's extremely easy to avoid. You sound like most people who never played MH, or reached Anjanath (first decent monster with a bit of a challenge early on) and act like the game is broken because you can't hack and slash your way through. A lot of these monster has existed for over 10 years, nothing is broken or "stupid", you're just too lazy to take a step back and learn. That or you don't own the game.

UCForce283d ago

Well, Monster Hunter World isn’t perfect, but it nailed everything right. The thing is that, the game is just pure fun and you have full control in playing field. I met a lot of Japanese players and my god they have been very helpful. This is my first time in Monster Hunter series. I have playing this game non stop.

BlaqMagiq1283d ago

Wow alot of the things you said were either nitpicks or exaggerations that the game does not deserve.

PurpHerbison282d ago

It wasn't a cliche "get good" reply. I would have literally typed "gitgud" and that is it. Instead I tackled the issues you complained about.

GottaBjimmyb282d ago

Ok, well me and my 4 friends played it and agreed with the issues we had, you guys disagree, so that is fine.

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TheColbertinator284d ago

Excellent. Steam version later this year to wrap the hunting goodness.

RainOfTerror284d ago

that's what I'm waiting for :)

notachance284d ago

oh I'm holding off buying this until the steam version arrives, and I know at least >10 of my steam friends also doing the same so yeah, it's sure to increase few couple millions once steam version arrives.

PhoenixUp284d ago

Holy shit did Monster Hunter: World just sell way faster than Final Fantasy XV?

moegooner88284d ago

Great news tbh, curcial timing for Capcom as well, hope this encourages the executives there to take more risks.

Lord_Sloth283d ago

Or to just put out quality products again.

Blastoise284d ago

It won't sell well on a console they said 😏

Movefasta1993283d ago

It won’t run well either 😭