Nintendo updates Mario's Japanese bio again, says he is a plumber after all

Nintendo caused quite a stir with Mario a few months ago. Back in September, fans noticed that the character’s Japanese bio had been changed slightly.

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PhoenixUp136d ago

Damn straight. Idk why they’d even consider getting rid of lore that has been present for the series since its inception in 1983.

_-EDMIX-_136d ago

Agreed I don't even see the point of messing with it none of the stuff regarding Mario's background really has anything to do with the fun of the games anyway.

136d ago
DarkVoyager136d ago

Mario needs to take a vacation so we can get some leaks.

Gh05t136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

About time, now if only we could get Pluto to be called a planet again!

DaFeelz136d ago

As a plumber of 24 years, I was insulted that they changed his occupation. Plumbers can do anything! As made evident by Mario’s many talents. Tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, space exploration, princess saving, shit... partying. The man’s an inspiration to us lowly blue collar workers. We need a role model. Don’t rob us of that please.

illLogic136d ago

Man, who is checking Marios bio everyday to see if it was changed.

meganick136d ago

First he’s a plumber, then he’s a porn star, now he’s a plumber again. Make up your mind Nintendo!

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