Square Enix knows you don't like the recent Chrono Trigger Steam port

The publisher is apparently aware of all the concerns players have regarding these design decisions and have made an announcement on their Steam page. After reading the feedback and other messages for the Steam version of the game, they are currently assessing on how to proceed.

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zodiac909284d ago

WHAT IF....They are gearing up for a Chrono Trigger Remake announcement?? Kinda like how they pissed people off about the FF7 at PSX, then announced the remake at e3?

Nu284d ago

I agree with everyone here 12:48AM

Miss_Vixen284d ago

I'm all in for sequels to Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross. Remake of either games would be fine too.

FTLmaster284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

I would love to see a ‘definitive’ port to Switch. It’s a game I’ve always wanted to play but missed.

DVAcme284d ago

Remake VAGRANT STORY. That game was ahead of its time,and had a disturbing atmosphere and dark story that'd be very much appreciated today.

zacfoldor284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

A very challenging and rewarding game. I didn't like it when I first tried it but I went back and it became one of my favorite games.

PhoenixUp284d ago

Why didn’t Square Enix just port the DS remake of this game

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