State of Decay 2: Zombie Survival Done Right

WTMG's Jordan Hawes: "State of Decay 2 is on its way and with the success of the original, we are dying to get our hands on it. Here are our wishes and hopes for one of the most engaging zombie survival games to date."

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Jinger199d ago

State of Decay 2 is going to spank Days Gone. No contest.

DarkVoyager199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Have you played both? Please explain.

Jinger199d ago

I have played the first State of Decay. Amazing game. Days Gone I have not played, but looks like a generic cinematic game.

DarkVoyager199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I need to see more of both games before I can judge. As far as State of Decay it’s nothing special going by reviews. We’ll find out sooner or later.

D3TH_D33LR198d ago

Well it’s a good thing you enjoyed the first because it looks exactly the same.

PFFT198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Well yeah But the zombies and special zombies look quite different and way better than they did in the first one. Besides if you want to play that card so did Uncharted. All of the Uncharted games look about the same you do the same old platforming with the same old weapons and fighting style nothing changed just the scenery and locale BUT did that stop people from buying and playing it??? Or did that stop the game from being awesome??? HELL NO! State of Decay 2 will be no different.

hamburgerhill198d ago

Days gone looks pretty but so does State of Decay in its own way. I honestly believe think SOD will be the best survival horror game, open world ever.

Zabatsu198d ago

@Jinger, you behave like a generic toxic internet troll.

JackBNimble198d ago

Well if it's anything like the first one then it's not going to be anything special.

Don't get me wrong, I had fun with the first state of decay, but it really wasn't anything to write home about.

TheCommentator198d ago

Honestly, Dark Voyager, the first State of Decay was not only pretty original, but greater than the sum of its' parts would imply; plus part 2 has coop. The management aspects of the first game were incorporated in a way that made sense too.

Days Gone looks really generic. The gameplay video looked like any number of games that have been done to death already. Too many scripted events that string you along instead of giving the player real freedom of choice.

ThanatosDMC198d ago

The first State of Decay was okay. After you realize that cars and outpost > zombie hordes, the game became a cake walk. I recommend 7 Days to Die for zombie survival itch, and Warhammer 2 for creating zombie hordes and destroying empires.

The Days Gone trailers/teasers seems boring for me. Just lots of shooting of zombies and not enough survival. I mean, it was as if the main character was hoarding an armory in his body and kept shooting. Yay, zombie bear! /s

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Vasto198d ago

Top comment right here!

198d ago
CP_Company198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

From when state of decay is amazing game? Mediocre game
Second game looking like choppy mess.

Days Gone is not zombie game, but nice try. Still looking miles better in every way. Gonna look better in 480p than state of choppy mess in "4k".

doos_vd_kak198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Xbox fanboys are stupid. Literally, as shown above. Mark me down, but these types of comments are low class, horse shit.

Italiano1234567198d ago

I'll bet days gone sells way more

ImGumbyDammit198d ago

I bet McDonald's sells more BigMacs than In-n-Out does Double-Doubles. What is your point?


Well shouldn’t it with TWICE the install base of Xbox? That should be common sense. But really if you wanna play the sales card the wii outsold the ps3 and Xbox. Did that make it better?

Play2Win198d ago Show
mark_parch198d ago

nobody should be comparing state of decay 2 with days gone, they are totally different games. one is a survival simulation with base building, perma death and 4 player co-op the other is a single player cinematic story/action game

alb1899197d ago

It it's true. Also One looks lineal and the other is an open world.

TheDriz198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

There’s been more footage on Days Gone first of all. Second, the first State of Decay was hokey and forget your AI and bases if you cant play for a couple day because of that stupid offline progression crap. Third they are not even trying to be the same game. One game is arcade and the other games is Sony top notch quality. Call it cinematic but the gameplay has been shown and it’s a nice open world action and stealth game.

Aceman18198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

The first averaged 76% which is middle of the road, so they can only go up if they've actually improved on the overall quality of it lol.

To be honest when I saw that trailer for part two it looked like hot garbage with its janky a$$ graphics, and gameplay. Also comparing a game that's online based with base building, to a story driven single player game is by far the dumbest thing I've read on this site 😩😒

Jinger198d ago

Online based? How is SoD online based when it doesn't require internet?

Aceman18198d ago


Next time do some damn research b4 making comments like this. The game has multiplayer co-op which was requested by fans of the game. If i know this and dont give two sh*ts about it dont you think you should know this since your bragging about it being better than a single player story driven game?

Christ fanboys make gaming crappy 😒

Jinger198d ago


Maybe you should look into what "online based" actually implies. Saying something is online based means it requires an internet connection or focuses on MP i.e. The Division, Destiny, TitanFall 1, Overwatch or MMO's etc.. State of Decay 2, much like the first game, can be completed 100% with no internet connection what so ever. Having optional Co-Op doesn't mean the game is "online based".

gtxgamer2198d ago

Oh yeah compare two games that aren't out or that you haven't even played yet. Fanboying much?

Atticus_finch198d ago

State of decay looks like another free to play game that micro is selling you.

PFFT198d ago

I for one am looking forward to playing both of them. I love State of Decay! And i cant wait to go kill or get killed by zombies along side my friends! As for Days Gone man that game looks freaking sweet! Fact of the matter is my body and wallet are ready for these two titles!

sampsonon198d ago

i think both are going to be good for different reasons.
i still won't buy an xbox for it but if it comes to pc ill play when I'm not playing Days Gone. nice to have the best of both worlds.

Thatguy-310198d ago

LMAO at the title even though they have yet to even try the game for a bit to make such a strong statement. The author even goes on to state that not a lot of info has been released for the game Hahaha

Jinger198d ago

Well based off the first game... it's already going to be an amazing zombie survival game. Can't imagine it will be worse than the first...

197d ago
Fragnum198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

"State of Decay 2 is going to spank Days Gone. No contest."


Never feed a troll.

Trolls thrive on derailing threads, causing off topic arguments and taking control of our conversations.

A Trolls food is attention, if you ignore it a troll will get hungry and and look for food elsewhere.

Remember N4G,

Never feed a Troll

SolidGamerX197d ago

That's right never feed them, I wonder how many times they have to be reported before the mods do something about them though?

Lord_Sloth198d ago

I don't think they'll be very similar or comparable.

doos_vd_kak197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Moreover, she was the first to comment, which emboldens and highlights her extreme insecurities and desperation

corroios198d ago

Omg, dude after all this years. The only thing right is there no contest. Days gone is miles away from this in every area. Is like champion league game vs a championship match.

SolidGamerX197d ago

Trolling? Seems like you're trolling.

Jinger197d ago

Why would I be trolling? Just because I think State of Decay 2 will be better than a Sony exclusive? The gall on you guys is amazing.

Markusb33197d ago

Let's see the numbers first as I can't see state of decay selling big. Mind you if it's like ps2 looking pubg could do well

UCForce197d ago

From I saw, Days Gone from E3 2016. For me, it was intense. That reminds me a lot of like World War Z. No kidding. A massive zombie horde chasing you down. That’s freaking scary.

slayernz197d ago

ridiculous comment, they are different game types completely.....for me cant wait to play days gone on my ps4 pro and am rather disappointed state of decay 2 wont be on ps4....but i can just play it on my pc which will be better quality anyway, so win/win!

SolidGamerX197d ago

Whats that have to do with this article, you purposely made an antagonistic comment to get reactions from Sony fans, you're trolling stop trying to make excuses for it, it comes off as disingenuous.

"The gall on you guys is amazing."

Now that's the epitome of irony.

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SlySouls198d ago

If this game is as good as it looks then I just might throw down for an Xbox finally

sampsonon198d ago

it will be on pc as well. save your money for something else.

NoPeace_Walker198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

A PC rig that equals the X in power cost $1200 plus. Slysouls made the smart move on his intention to get a X. 👍🏼

Plus PC don't have the definitive edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 like the X can nor enhanced native 4K free upgrades like Ninja Gaiden Black and Forza Horizon 1. 👍🏼👍

Jinger198d ago

And if he doesnt have a PC capable of running it?

maybelovehate198d ago

Save money buy PC... LMAO. Congrats on funniest comment of the day

sampsonon198d ago

@maybelovehate: not talking about buying a f - ing pc idiot. most people have a pc that s capable of running this trash.


Or he can spend HIS money how he like. Just a thought...

sampsonon198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

@BLKxSEPTEMBER: F-ing duh!! :) just saying if you own a pc that can play it, which most people own a pc that can in 2018, he can just buy the game for the pc instead of wasting $500 plus tax on a console that , well, really has nothing to offer because most of its games are on pc as well. but i can understand this concept is hard for you'll to understand. sorry for trying to save the man some money.

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Vasto198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Another game that will have tons of replay value because of a robust multiplayer and will also have singler player.
Gamepass day 1.

Thank you Microsoft.

opinionated198d ago

I heard they are also lowering the price of their games to compete with their own game pass lol. It really is a win for everyone. Well, it remains to be seen if it’s a win for Microsoft. This thing will either go down in flames or become the standard. We make out either way.

Vasto198d ago

I also heard that rumor.

Looks like Microsoft is getting ready to go all in.

ConsoleGamer197d ago

I think the lowering the price of theie games because the are low budget games at the moment. Next halo/ gears probably will be full priced.

opinionated197d ago


The first SoD was but it sold 4.5 million copies. I’m sure they had a beefier budget this time around. It would make sense to lower all of your games.

197d ago
opinionated197d ago

lol! Why the anger though?

I woulda have paid 60 for state of decay 2. It’s a sim full of dynamic systems, meaning it’s replayable and different every time. It’s not some narrative focused movie game that you play once and shelf it forever. Renting state of decay is for people that don’t know if they will like it. I already know I will like it.

197d ago
197d ago
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alb1899198d ago

Game pass is looking real good to me. Count me in.

lptmg198d ago

why the hell are people downvoting this? Is the fanboyism in this site that rabid?

ocelot07198d ago

I have to agree. I have been highly critical of Microsoft this generation. But this is one of the few good choices they have made. Games like State of decay, Sea of thieves, Crackdown are games I would play for a week and get bored. So essentially renting them via the game pass is a much better choice for me. Especially on PC I much rather pay £40 for the 6 month game pass. Get to play the MS titles on release than paying £40 per title when am certain ill get bored of them after a week or 2.

slate91198d ago

LOL just when you think ocelot was going to give an unbiased comment, BAM, hits you with the back hand.

Enjoigamin198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Ocelot one day you will have online friends so you won't be alone fighting zombies or sailing the seas or flying through the city...ill pray for you

Razzer198d ago

This game wasn't really on my radar at all until they revealed it would be available on Windows 10 day one with Game Pass. Looking forward to trying it out now.....whenever it releases. Still no release date?