No Trophy Support For Saints Row 2 writes: "Despite what you might have heard, Saints Row 2 will not contain Trophy support when it debuts tomorrow. A moderator on the official community forums was the one to deliver the bad news. The moderator didn't address the possibility of a Trophy patch at a later date, stating only that that he will keep us updated. Are you guys disappointed? Will this sway you into buying the 360 version? Or will you just forget about this game?"

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tocrazed4you3688d ago

EA can put trophies into a game I am sure other developers can too... EA has surely done a lot to make ps3 owners happy.
One extra content for deadspace and DLC for mirrors edge.
Leading platform for development on the ps3 now.
Keeping everything equal to the xbox 360 or a lil bit better or a tiny bit worse.
Making it mandatory for all future games not just in 2009 when it is required by those releasing for the rest of 2008 mandatory to have trophies in it.
They have surely won back my respect and maybe my money because I like what I am seeing from deadspace and mirrors edge. Way to go EA clap clap clap

Hydrolex3688d ago

I'm Sorry people for "IGN Bias - SR2 will support trophies"

SullyDrake3688d ago

No buy for me - I'm saving my money for the games that fully support the PS3.

RJ20003688d ago

EA is one place that is going down hill fast. They are like smart kid in high school that just half assed everything because they knew it would pass.

kratos-i-am3688d ago

Yeah apparently the colours arent as rich aswell so I would probs get it on the 360 if I had to choose. Though there are SO MANY OTHER GAMES! LBP, FAR CRY 2, R2, Mirrors Edge which are at the top of my list for this year + some games from last year that I still need to get Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank and Burnout (Downloading as we speak).

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Kamikaze1353688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

This game didn't seem interesting, but trophy support actually made me consider buying this. I guess now I can be $60 richer, lol.

Shaka2K63688d ago

With massive line up of hot exclusive AAA games who has time for multiplatform games on Sony PS3?

sure there is going to some casual who will buy the superior version of saints row 2 on Sony PS3 but then again they dont care about trophies.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3687d ago

What you don't fall in line with the other droids jumping on the Saints train to boycott GTA IV and it's pro Xbox. So this is the next game you droids are going to b!tch and whine about huh?

ravinshield3687d ago

im glad a lot of games are not supporting that crap called Trophies, they are sh!t anyways

Radiodread3688d ago

playing games for achievements or trophies and not just playing the game for fun.

pwnsause3688d ago

true, but it shows which developers are lazy in the Industry. Capcom at least is doing everything possible to start supporting trophies this fall.

ReBurn3688d ago

Trophies and achievements can provide additional replay value and in some cases require you to be creative to earn them. In other cases trophy support may be a distinguishing factor between console versions. If you like achievements or trophies and only the 360 version has them then chances are that's a software sale for the other platform.

Just because some people don't like them doesn't mean that they aren't valued by others.

ape0073688d ago

my cut on trophy\achievement system

sometimes it make the game more hardcore more rewarding,more satisfying,like beating uncharted,cod4 ,gears on hardest difficulty

sometimes it makes you more kiddy,like renting a bad game just for them,or tell your freind online "guys lets do this achievement help me"

overall:yes games are a bit better with this thing,it's addictive to see your own profile increasing with time,full of memorable moments,it's like badges of honor and it's fun when you compare with friends ystem

SixTwoTwo3688d ago

They add value to the games. With the holiday lineup so crowded this year, a lot of people are going to have some tough choices to make. Trophies may be that little extra feature that helps someone who can't make up their mind choose Call of Duty: WaW over Fallout 3.

BrianC62343688d ago

"playing games for achievements or trophies and not just playing the game for fun."

What I really liked about the GTA games like GTAIII was looking for hidden items. These trophies are like that. It gives you one more thing to do in the game. I've been playing a lot of Burnout Paradise trying to get the trophies. It's also making me learn the maps more. I agree some games really shouldn't need something like trophies but games with an open world can benefit from it.

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Area_513688d ago

no trophies, no buy, there is just no excuse this late in the game they had plenty of time.

Bnet3433688d ago

Mines is no trophies, get the game on 360 lol. Sony can't make trophies mandatory thats not good man. Trophies swayed me to get Dead Space on PS3.

BrianC62343688d ago

"Mines is no trophies, get the game on 360 lol. Sony can't make trophies mandatory thats not good man. Trophies swayed me to get Dead Space on PS3."

I think the only reason trophies aren't mandatory is sometimes it takes a while to add them so it wouldn't be smart for Sony to make them mandatory. Game developers should do everything possible to include them though or at least add them later. In the future anyone making a 360 and PS3 game will obviously include trophies in the PS3 game. To not do so just because they don't have to would be stupid.

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