God of War Gets Tons of Info on Art, Design, and Levels Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen

God of War Environment Artist Nate Stephens and Lead Environment Concept Artist Luke Berliner share a lot of details about many aspects of the game.

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littlezizu282d ago

Hype. Can't wait to play this beauty and beat some norses god. My number 1 norse's god i want kratos to fight is thor.

Gaming_1st282d ago

I totally agree, have my pre order ready and waiting.

littlezizu282d ago

2month waiting so painful but hearing previews will hit this week will ease our pain a little.

282d ago
1Victor282d ago

I want to see him fight Loki

Eonjay282d ago

Gosh this game sounds so good. Also it sounds like a worthwhile package for the money they are asking for. They aren't trying to bankroll it into a service.

Thunder_G0d_Bane282d ago

The game is out next month an still no 20min+ gameplay demo?

I’m very sceptical bout this game not buying until I see it being played by regular people.

Loved god of war 3. Still my fave hack an slash til this day.

Sniperwithacause282d ago

Demo or no demo, the game is going to be steller.

morganfell282d ago


He either has no idea who Cory Barlog is or else he wants to pretend the guy doesn't exist. And if you do not know who Cory Barlog is then you do not know anything about GOW. He also is pretending this game isn't being made by a premiere first party studio. That's okay, plenty of people pretend cars do not exist and yet they get run over all the time. God Of War will run slap over him and his attempts to downplay this title.

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100_SavAGe282d ago

Why spoil the game? what we have seen is enough.No wonder people is always disappointed when games release its because they see to much then rather than going in blind and being suprised.Its God of war we know it's going to be epic

_-EDMIX-_282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

I don't think anything is stupid about what he saying

there are lots of people that literally don't download a demo to specific games because they don't want them spoiled I myself don't even remember the last time I downloaded the demo I has even when they're available if I really really like the game chances are I'm actually not going to play the demo because I want to be surprised myself upon release.

I mean unless you were born yesterday or a very very very young gamer ,most of us understand what God of War is so the demo was not necessary I mean I'd argue you could even look up YouTube videos to see what the game actually is so I don't really believe they need to show any more footage as the proof-of-concept has been established for well over 10 years regarding God of War ,trust me it is not a concept that is so radical that you need tons of videos to explain

(Unless you're mentally challenged or something)

Has nothing to do with being a fanboy simply a gamer that's competent enough to understand what games actually are. In 2018 somebody should not need a demo of God of War to explain to it what it actually is this individual should already know whether or not they would even want a game like this.

Goldby282d ago

"Lool thats just a stupid thing to say. So games shouldn't have gameplay demos to demonstrate how they play and what you're gettin into? "

theres enough already shown to make a 20 minute video of the gameplay. but instead of watchign all the videos and deciding on that, you want a 20 minute uncut video...

so liek savage says, why spoil the game. if its a bit from the beginning its a waste of time because you have to go through that section yourself, and if its at the end then it takes away from the game by showing you everything you can do.

they are purposely keepign things under a wrap so people dont know the entire game weeks before its even released.

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DialgaMarine282d ago

Not every game has to get flooded with gameplay videos before release. We’ve gotten plenty enough already, and if you don’t trust the team behind God of War 2 and 3 to make a stellar game, I don’t know what to tell you bro.

Thunder_G0d_Bane282d ago

I don't know what you call 'plenty' cause they've hardly shown ANYTHING. Send me a link of a full 15-20min gameplay walkthrough and not those 2-3 mins bits of gameplay that show no health bar or anything.

DialgaMarine282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

You’re saying that a clip has to be that long to be valid? The original gameplay reveal was several minutes, and the two trailers we got from E3 and PGW showed off a lot of combat. Like I said, this isn’t some brand new indie dev; if you don’t trust the team, then that’s on you.

Goldby282d ago


"I don't know what you call 'plenty' cause they've hardly shown ANYTHING. Send me a link of a full 15-20min gameplay walkthrough and not those 2-3 mins bits of gameplay that show no health bar or anything."

i can splice all the gameplay into a 15-20 minute video if you like, we have been shown enough for anyone to know the type of game its gonna be, the direction they are going with it, the combat as well as visuals and voice acting.

the amount of time shown off in videos is no representation of the product itself. if anything, it is the opposite to what you are suggesting/requiring. if a game needs more videos and gameplay walkthroughs (worst idea ever) then the marketing may not be up to snuff in those regards.

as for the no health bar, its not that unheard of to have a game with no health bar. instead of just watching walkthrough gameplays of games, maybe try picking up a controller and playing one yourself. becuase in my eyes, walkthrough gameplays before games are out are a complete waste of time, and in some cases ruin otherwise genuine moments because the surprise is gone,

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_-EDMIX-_282d ago

I don't really think it matters I'm not even going to download or play a demo anyway I don't want any spoilers I'm not even looking at any of the footage they're releasing right now because I want an extremely fresh take right when I start playing the game.

I did that with many games in the past from Fallout 4 to Metal Gear Solid 5 to the previous God of War Games often times I actually feel more comfortable not seeing a lot of footage before release.

AspiringProGenji282d ago

What was the game played at E3 then? An alien? There’s gameplay already on Youtube. Someone who claims GoW 3 was his fav and know Song Santa Monica doesn’t need that much gameplay preview to trust the devs

opinionated282d ago

I can see where you are coming from. I was sold on the gameplay directors podcast talking about the game. The discussion eased my fears a little bit because like you, I wasn’t liking what I was seeing.

If you want to know a little more I would suggest listening to the lost pages podcasts. It’s not a demo but it’s fairly good insight on the design direction. Kudos on pissing off all of the fanboys here with such a harmless comment though. It doesn’t take much to trigger these tards.

UCForce282d ago

Well, the guy didn’t know who make this new GOW game. By the way, there is a GOW events in Paris. Here :

UCForce282d ago Show
GameGod26282d ago

Seems like you have an issue with cinematics being key in most of Sony’s games why?

opinionated282d ago


I don’t have a problem with the cinematic direction Sony is taking at all. Other than I don’t like that style of game, of course. They are good at it, successful at it, why wouldn’t they do this? You admit there is a cinematic direction though. These people deny it whole heartedly, that’s the difference lol.

I like uncharted 2 not uncharted 4. I like god of war 2 not the last of us. Nioh is the new “god of war” to me even though I’m still hyped for gow. I don’t like cinematic games because they are slow paced. A narrative focus, meaning the primary foundation of the entire game.

When I saw the new god of war that’s what popped into my head. Listening to the podcasts has eased some of my concerns though.

When I saw days gone I was underwhelmed until the dynamic zombies came into play and then I was hyped. But the ratio dude, it’s boring to me. it was like a 20 minute trailer and the last 5 minutes were the impressive dynamic parts. Just the sheer number and AI made them terrifying. I love that part. I’m not hyped about walking around for 15 minutes in ultimate slug mode to get to that point. Let me walk slug for 2 minutes and spend 18 playing with the AI lol. It’s just preference yo.

I think Detroit looks great. I’m going to preorder the deluxe version tomorrow when it comes out. It’s a slow paced cinematic game though and it doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. The dynamic gameplay is the impressive choice tree.

Like Ubisoft has a formula with the outposts and shit? Sony has a formula for slow dramatic pacing. I couldn’t get to the meat of Horizon because the start was that Sony formula. I’m going to give it another fair shot soon and muscle through the front end but it’s just the same tired shit is my point. I think I dropped that to play nioh. It’s just not my style, I’m not hating on their business decisions, I’m happy for them. They are killing it obviously and people buy these games. I don’t, I have no interest in the last of us 2. I’m not demanding it not be made lol. I’m saying if every game is mimicking the pacing and cinematic gameplay then I lose a lot hype. Feel me? Sucker punch doesn’t make cinematic games. If ghost is cinematic then another studio has fallen to the formula. That’s how I see it.

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UCForce282d ago

Besides, do you have faith of the guy who make God Of War 2 ?

Hardiman282d ago

the last game I bought day one and wasn't happy was Alpha Protocol and the was 09 or so. Since then I've made it a point to not spoil a game but know if it's good or not and I haven't been burned since! All you need is a brain and eyes!

You don't need a 20 minute demo! This isn't some unproven dev and sure a few things changed but for a lot of us it's for the better!

So you just don't worry about it because the rest of us got this on April 20!

Felsager282d ago


"The game is out next month an still no 20min+ gameplay demo?

I’m very sceptical bout this game not buying until I see it being played by regular people.

Loved god of war 3. Still my fave hack an slash til this day."

Sorry mate, the game is not available for XBOX one.

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DanteVFenris666282d ago

I don’t like the idea of them choosing narrative over set pieces as they say in article. I’m going to love any gow but I hate how all Sony games are recently all following uncharteds movie like approach

Eonjay282d ago

Lucky for you, at no point do they ever claim to choose narrative over set pieces.

DialgaMarine282d ago

I didn’t realize Spider- Man, Detroit, Days Gone, Shadow of the Colossus, and Dreams were all mimicking Uncharted. They totally fooled me. /s

DanteVFenris666282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Yea but horizon, gow, days gone(how is this not?), last of us.

Spider-Man while more comical is also going for a very cinematic approach and is also not a 1st party title which is what I was talking about. More talking about songs in house studios. Detroit is litterally an interactive movie game.

Dreams has been developed forever

I’m not trying to attack Sony I know how fanboys are on this site. I want Sony to improve so I can play there best. I just feel like having all there games so similar (3rd person heavy narrative action games) there games are starting to feel familiar when I’d rather have game experiences that feel zany and new

UCForce282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@DanteVFenris666 You know the Dream is coming in 2018. This confirm by Media Molecule.

_-EDMIX-_282d ago

@Dant-man the stupidity behind that post is just incredible so what you're actually telling me is that in order for a game to have some sort of deep narrative at must be copying The Last of Us? I don't understand? When did The Last of Us invent good narrative? So when you're saying the Cinematic approach you're not talking about something that's 100% unequivocally exclusive to The Last of Us.

This is just beyond stupid it literally is one of the dumbest comments I've read on this website in a pretty long time help me understand how this team created this idea of being cinematic? Because what you're trying to suggest is that no other game should try to be cinematic because another one already did 😂😂😂

So because the last of us was a really good game no other game should try to copy them and always make their games really bad games? I mean buddy seriously it's your damn point help us understand what you're talking about...

I mean you're saying you're not trying to attack Sony but your entire post goes off topic to start arguing about other intellectual properties that have nothing to do with the topic itself.

So please stop trying to take out your anger for Microsoft not supporting their system on Playstation fans, you should be angry at Microsoft for not supporting their system like Sony is.

opinionated282d ago


Spider man - shown nothing but cinematics
Days gone - shown mostly cinematics
Detroit - pure cinematics
SoC - remaster
Dreams - I have no idea and don’t care.

You chose really crappy titles to prove your point lol. Failed sarcasm.

DialgaMarine282d ago

Your mother failed when she didn’t swallow. If you don’t know the difference between a cinematic and gameplay, you’re too dumb to be helped.

ziggurcat282d ago


"Detroit - pure cinematics"

No. There's gameplay footage:

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Rude-ro282d ago

That has been Sony’s approach since the ps2
But the point is, can you name a AAA game that does not follow a story?

UCForce282d ago

@opinated True, but these studios have a strong reputation. By the way, Shadow of the Colossus is a remake. You know reputation do speak itself. We didn’t see gameplay Ghost of Tsushima but it make by Sucker Punch, so we do trust them. For me, reputation is very important.

madforaday282d ago

But every single of those games have plenty of game play videos.

OB1Biker282d ago

No he's talking bs. Days Gone showed off plenty of gameplay

Hardiman282d ago

@UCForce yes and it's an amazing Remake! I'm loving going through the world just taking in the scenery and being in absolute awe at how Bluepoint transformed the world!

I finished the original and the PS3 Remaster and I never spent this much time marveling at the world! Let the haters hate we all know what's up!

opinionated282d ago

I mean yeah but call that what it is... Faith. He said blind fanboyism. What is fanboyism if not faith? You call yourself a Sony loyalist, meaning you give them the benefit of the doubt in pretty much everything they do. It’s your religion. That’s what he said.

GoT is a new IP. I like sucker punch and the premise of the new game. If they show gameplay and it’s the same cinematic shit they have been showing for spider man, days gone, god of war and most of their other first party titles then my hype is going to die a little bit, yeah? My benefit of the doubt becomes regular doubt. Not because I’m trying to piss you off but because Sony is not my religion. Feel me?

If you disagree with the dude then hit the down arrow and move on. Why enter a subjective debate built around faith?

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doos_vd_kak281d ago (Edited 281d ago )


Spiderman - shown nothing but cinematics - bullshit.

Days gone - shown mostly cinematics - I guarantee they have shown off more game play than 'cinematics' now you're becoming desperate.

Detroit - pure cinematics. Another attempt at brushing aside a PS4 exclusive. Keep fighting the good fight.

SOTC - another remaster. I can also make a list of every xbox exclusive coming out this year and brush aside their impact with one liners. Fact of the matter is you aren't changing anything. this game is selling well and is received well by critics.

Dreams - I have no idea and I don't care. Great for you, but believe it or not there are people interested in this game and media molecule won't disappoint with their PS4 debut. Well done, you've achieved nothing.

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