Kingdom Come: Deliverance Reportedly Cost 36.5 Million Dollars

According to a report appeared on the latest Forbes magazine (Czech Republic edition issue), the total budget of Kingdom Come: Deliverance including marketing costs roughly amounts to 36.5 million dollars.

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ccgr260d ago

They game has beautiful visuals an great voice acting, I don't doubt it!

moralsup260d ago

Great voice acting? come on man

MeteorPanda260d ago

It was the reason l kept playing it. the voice acting was amazing. Go find better. A world that big too.

Dark_Knightmare2259d ago

Yeah because the majority of reviews didn't say the same thing

kitano1947259d ago

compare it skyrim and oblivions 3 voice actors

_-EDMIX-_260d ago


this is a very very tight budget.

259d ago
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen260d ago

I think you're being a little too generous with your praise of this game.

3-4-5259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

That isn't a lot of money for a game these days honestly.

Shenmue in 1999 cost 70 mil

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KaiPow260d ago

I know a nice chunk of that marketing budget went into throwing E3 parties for their fans.

wheresmymonkey259d ago

I went to the preview event in the UK. They hosted it in Hever castle and threw a medieval banquet style dinner after the play session. Put a bunch of journos up for the night too.

Deep Silver threw a lot of cash at the game after they picked it up. Peo0lpe seem to forget it started off life as a kickstarted Indie title.

SolidGear3259d ago

Me and Pepperidge Farms 'members...

Sgt_Slaughter260d ago

Doesn't seem like much of that went into beta testing for bugs

codelyoko260d ago

Really? Then how come bigger budget open world RPG games also had similar bugs?

Sgt_Slaughter260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

So you're not saying I'm wrong, you're just saying why do other games ALSO have bugs?

That makes no sense. This game is littered with issues. Looks at reviews and especially Steam reviews.

OoglyBoogly260d ago

I dunno...this game is pretty bad. I mean, you can literally kill people early in the game that prevents mission progress later. That's dumb. I've had several save games go corrupt as well. I've, literally, never had any other game be as buggy as this one.

phantomexe260d ago

I'm still waiting on my patch for fallout 3 on ps3. Game buggy as hell to this day so....

IamTylerDurden1259d ago

Please don't use the defense "well, Skyrim and Fallout were broken". Bethesda has a long lineage of technical deficiencies and one AC game was badly rushed, but there are many big, open world games that ship without an abundance issues. Horizon Zero Dawn is a recent example. Kingdom Come shipped with reported technical issues and regardless of whether or not it's a quality game you shouldn't be making excuses for lack of polish.

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jznrpg260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

@OoglyBoogly a lot of games you can kill important quest npcs without any notice , Demon Souls I killed a few when I first started it lol

BeOpenMinded259d ago

I think it's a good thing to have those options. I enjoy the weight of my actions being ever present

morganfell260d ago

Did you just say Fallout 3 and 4 had less bugs? No.

_-EDMIX-_260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Will Fallout 4 released in better condition at launch than Fallout 3 did

gamejediben259d ago

Squashing bugs doesn't cost much money. It costs time and the backers demanded a release on schedule as a result of so many kickstarter games showing up late. The backers got what they wanted but I personally would have left it in the oven a bit longer...

mochachino259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Yeah the game is pretty rough around the edges at times. Skyrim on PS3 was bad but not many games are this bug ridden these days particularly considering the price.

Funny that so many people defend this game but the same people would be up in arms if Ubisoft or EA released a game with this many bugs. And it's not mildly annoying graphical bugs, it's actual gameplay and quest bugs which make it worse along with terrible performance at times.

It's a very good game but needed a lot more testing prior to release.

Yodagamer259d ago

In perspective Skyrim was supposedly $80 million. Kingdom come had half the budget and it was on consoles that cost more to develop asset wise. It makes perfect sense in that perspective.

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Sciurus_vulgaris260d ago

If the total budget is 36.5 million the development budget is likely 50-60% of the given value. Therefore, Kingdom Come: Deliverance may have cost about 20 million to make which isn’t that high of a budget by today’s standards.

AnubisG260d ago

And I think this is the issue with game development today. That they spend as much if not more on marketing games than what games cost to develop. Why not let youtubers and gaming journalists do the advertising for games?

bolimekurac260d ago

because it doesnt always work out that way, im sure many would love to save the money and let the game explode through word of mouth but its to big of a risk that way

260d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

I do believe companies spend too much on advertisement. I do think more marketing should just be done through Youtube, PSN, XBL and Twitch. Companies spend so much on marketing that marketing cost are often very comparable to development cost. In extreme cases e.g. COD marketing cost have been documented to be several times the development budget.

SegaGamer260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

I agree with you AnubisG, there is too much money going towards marketing in games now. This is why so many games are costing so much to make. Whenever i hear developers saying things like "we need to make money" when they add things like Microtransactions, i often point at the marketing costs of games. If it wasn't so high, then maybe they wouldn't need MT's.

Another thing that i hate seeing in games is hollywood actors getting jobs (either their voice being used or their face) I mean, how much are these people getting paid? Get rid of them and that will bring down the price too. I wonder how much Death Stranding is going cost......

_-EDMIX-_260d ago

But the game still needs to turn a profit so they're not going to ignore solid marketing.

I think you need to understand that not everybody is going on gaming websites to view this type of stuff so they're going to need strong marketing to get to casual gamers that maybe are not always on YouTube or always on N4G forum...

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bolimekurac260d ago

high enough, none of us can throw around 20m and make a game. they did an amazing job, there are bugs and hopefully they iron them out. games are not cheap these days and if it costs 2 mill or 50 mill to make a game thats big money either way.

Eidolon260d ago

Um I can throw just some time and make a game, will it be good? probably not XD. This game seems great for that budget.

Yodagamer259d ago

Especially compared to the last mainline elder scrolls Skyrim cost $80 million from what I have found.

rainslacker259d ago

I dunno. I haven't seen anywhere close to 18+ million marketing for this game. I'm sure that there were several million put into marketing, but I think most of that money went into the actual development of the game.

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TheOttomatic91260d ago

Wonder what’s the budget for Elder Scrolls Games?

attilayavuzer260d ago

Probably at least 37 million

PrimeVinister259d ago

Why did people dislike your obvious joke?!

It was funny.

Elwenil260d ago

Skyrim's development and marketing budget was $85 million.

_-EDMIX-_260d ago

Me too but regardless I'm pretty sure this game is not going to come even slightly close to the budget of an Elder Scrolls game.