(iPhone) EA's Need For Speed Undercover Coming in December

Games Are Evil has new details, screenshots, and a more concrete release window for EA's highly anticipated "Need for Speed Undercover" on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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bgrundman3687d ago

I know if I had an iPhone that this would be a must buy. Anybody looking to give me a loan?

JimmyJames703687d ago

Seriously? This is the level of game play on an iPhone? This is nutz. I gotta get one.

killyourfm3687d ago

Yea, it's really starting to shine. I'm constantly running into non iPhone owners who have the same reaction. I show them Asphalt Elite Racing or something like Super Monkey Ball and they're floored. If it plays as good as it looks, NFS Underground on the iTouch will be excellent.