MyGen: Civilization IV: Colonization Review

MyGen writes: "The original Sid Meier's Colonization was something of a fluke. I'm not sure if Sid wasn't interested in the concept, or that he just wanted to give creator Brian Reynolds a chance to see what he could do with the Civilization engine, but the fact remains that Sid was hardly involved in the creation of the game at all. Obviously Brian Reynold's Colonization doesn't have the same ring to it and adding Sid's name to a title generally means it will sell a respectable number. Colonization was a success, though not as much as its big brother Civilization. Strangely enough, fans of the game had to wait 14 years for a sequel, or rather… a remake.

Much like the original, Civilization IV: Colonization is built on the latest version of the Civ engine and adds some new gameplay mechanics as well as some graphical tweaks. The name and the use of the Civ engine don't mean that Colonization plays like just another Civ add-on. Quite the contrary, it is a different beast entirely. Veteran Civ players will quickly understand how to navigate but will experience some confusion over what to do as well. Fortunately the game comes with an in-game tutorial that will help deal with this confusion in short order."

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