GameSpy: NBA Live 09 Review

GameSpy writes: "While playing NBA Live 09, a shoe-related metaphor kept coming to mind. We're not sure why, maybe it's because you can see at least a swoosh or two walking by every time the players leave the floor on the floor-level camera, or perhaps it was the "Jordan Player of the Game" named after every contest. It also might have been because the first time we played NBA Live 09 we played as "Team Adidas." Whatever the exact reason, the latest entry in EA's NBA franchise reminds us of a shiny new pair of basketball shoes that look far better than the previous year's version. The materials look sharp, the colors are perfect, but there's just one problem: the shoes don't quite fit. It's not that they hurt your feet, but you might not want to spend an entire season in them after trying on some other pairs."

+Dynamic DNA uses real life information to update player tendencies daily
+New Pick and Roll and Signature Playcalling features make offense more fun

-Clipping and herky-jerky movements still a problem
-Default view too far from the action
-Can't test Dynamic DNA yet

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