How Nintendo Won the Market With the Switch

The Switch has been a massive success. In fact, it's sold more units in a shorter amount of time than any other console that's ever come before it. Which begs the question: How did Nintendo win back the market with the Switch?

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masterfox201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

more than 76 million PS4's sold, now be quiet Nintendo for the sake of intelligence.

FallenAngel1984201d ago

This article isn’t about Switch dominating the market, it’s about how Nintendo has a console that’s extremly successful in the marketplace after being at their lowest point the year prior.

_-EDMIX-_200d ago

You mean how Nintendo finally has a portable that's successful? When haven't they had a portable that it was successful?

If the people who like Nintendo's Portables continue to buy their Portables it is very clear to see that their success will continue...

So I don't know anything about being at their lowest point especially if you consider the 3DS success, I don't really consider over 70 million units as "low"

inveni0199d ago

My 10-year-old son saved up $150 to buy a Switch this Christmas, so we paid the difference as part of his set of gifts. He also bought Mario Odyssey. He played the game for five days (just a couple of hours per day), and he beat it pretty easily. Now he barely ever touches the thing. The parental controls feature tells me he played just three hours all last month. He hasn't mentioned buying a new game even once. I don't know what this says about the console or my son.

shinoff2183199d ago

Then the articles headline shouldnt say won, that would make sense.

TallonIV200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Yeah let's compare the sales of a 4+ year old console to a 1 year old console... lmao! Read the article kid.

_-EDMIX-_200d ago

I'm not even sure why they're comparing it when it's a portable.

marloc_x200d ago

Considering it's first year, care to guess on 4 year sales of Switch fox?☺

_-EDMIX-_200d ago

Well they might be in the portable Market which you cannot deny that Nintendo basically owns (unless you bring in Mobile which I don't really know is part of the same equation but..)

DwightSchrute01199d ago

Your the only person who thinks and wants the switch to be a portable. Lol No amount of you wishing or spreading fake news is going to change what it is.
It's a hybrid and always will be. It's a home console and a portable console.

It's whatever the owner wants it to be, we have a choice.
It connects to the TV exactly the same way the xbox one and ps4 does.
The only difference is the Switch continues to work even when not connected to the TV.

_-EDMIX-_199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

@dwight-I'm not sure what you're talking about but some of the people on this site who really really love this system can confirm to you that it is a portable device I'm not even sure why you're getting angry at a fact. So in order for it to be a hybrid it actually by default must still be a portable for that actually to work lol " a portable console" yes, just like I said a portable...

What's the problem? We both agree it's a portable console , I don't really see the point of getting so upset over this. You can connect many devices to a TV it doesn't actually negate their portability by design it simply means they have an option to connect to the TV my phone can connect to the TV it doesn't actually mean it's no longer portable as that doesn't really work that way. (The definition is actually describing the device, not the ability to out to a television as multiple things can out to a television)



ibrake4naps199d ago

Agreed. Great portable! I don't even play mine on the tv. I got my ps4 for that...

Realms199d ago

@ DwightSchrute01

Right because the portability of the Switch isn't it's selling point? Who in their right mind would want to play next gen games on a Switch that is docked with less resolution? The selling point of the Switch is it's ability to game on the go with little drop off from home consoles. The best way to experience the Switch is portably not docked and you can call it a home console but if you remove the portability aspect of the Switch the console becomes a lot less attractive option since you have two consoles that are more capable than the Switch in both specs and hardware.

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