The Witcher 2 Now Runs At 4K On Xbox One X With Better Performance

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition was released for the Xbox 360 back when the series was still exclusive to PC. The Xbox 360 version was a great port of the PC version but as it was common at that time, it was targeting native 720p resolution and had some performance issues along with screen tearing.

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Kribwalker288d ago

No better time to replay one of your favourite classics then now in 4k with the OneX

_-EDMIX-_287d ago

I agree it makes lots of sense to do something like play some old games right now if you own an Xbox One X

especially considering... 🐸☕

Unreal01287d ago

Shame it's only 30fps :(

Kribwalker287d ago

there’s only so much they can do when they aren’t changing the game code and enhancing it

TedCruzsTaint288d ago

Great game, but I remember playing the game, originally, on the 360. It was amazing that they made a game of that caliber play on the 360, but the game looked muddy, and with flat lighting.

Play on PC, if you can.

_-EDMIX-_287d ago

I also own it on PC great game

KwietStorm287d ago

One after another, all of these games getting enhancements and gameplay improvements on the X is proof of what I been saying all along about us getting cheap systems from the beginning, on both sides. Hopefully this design philosophy, along with the usual next gen upgrades after this cycle, will give us a generational leap closer to PS2->PS3.

LateNightThirst287d ago

** Insert comment about Xbox One X only playing old games

TedCruzsTaint287d ago

Yet you're probably the type to pay a premium when Sony throws something old up on the store, or a remaster.

Microsoft makes an emulator, they let you use the emulator. Sony makes an emulator, they then charge you to play your old games.

Enjoigamin287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

yeah I had to pay for PSNow just to replay Ni No on my pro since my ps3 is broke and none of my ps3 games work in my pro....pretty pathetic that sony fanboys defend that shit

dreue287d ago

So cool so much old games to play, so i buy xbox x that cost me 500 just to replay games? Is the the all thi g from ms? Lol

ONESHOTV2287d ago

I have a 4000+$ worth rig plus a PS4 pro and I play old and new games so why wouldn't the Xbox guys play their old and new games if they can ah i see it looks like you only own a PS4 if so i feel bad for you may be a job will help you get a better system that can play both

dreue286d ago

Well actually i do have a ps4 pro. And a pc rig that cost me 2000 not more.... They can but what is sad is that i see post talking about for instance downgrqde of ps4 games.... But when ms only does is back yards compatibility i think i need to speak.... Because from the start of this gen i try the point the lack of games on xbox.... People downplay me.... Even call me troll.... That is the reason i say this stuff.... Because i would love to have scaleboumd and xbox x but will never support a company that is doing what ms is doing

Enjoigamin287d ago

as a Pro owner im pissed my ps3 games wont work in my stfu

dreue286d ago

Well i do have my old ps3 with all my games but really never play it after getting the 4 and pro.... Sorry

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