Microsoft's New Xbox Experience Storage Solution - Now Live

Looks like Microsoft has found a way to accommodate those people who didn't have the required 128 MB available storage for the New Xbox Experience.

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Zerodin3716d ago

$20 for a refurbed 360 HD? Not too shabby!

Neoninja3716d ago

I agree 100 percent. 20 gb for $20 what a deal. I myself have a 120, but if I had an arcade I would definetly get in on this deal because chances are it will be for a short amount of time.

lowcarb3716d ago

I wonder if this is a sign of something about to change with core 360's.

Blackfrican3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I have an Arcade System. I got rejected. How do they know I have a hard drive from the original Premium I had which had the disc tray stop working? How do I get my free 512 memory card I am entitled to?!

peowpeow3716d ago


I own just core console (came with phone and T.V..) so i will be getting this Hard Drive although i do think it should've been $20 always

marionz3716d ago

well im guessing some time after christmas they will probably release a new arcade bundle with a hard drive, either that or a bigger memory card

paul-p19883716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

it's still a rip-off though, considering i dont think any companies actually make 20gb HDD's anymore, and a 40gb 2.5" SATA drive (for the PS3, only comparison i can make) costs about $30 (im assuming, im from the UK and they cost about £20 over here, probably even less).

On a related note, just bought a 320gb HDD for my PS3, cost all of £50, about half of what M$ seem to sell there 60gb HDD's for...

thereapersson3716d ago

That's what they should cost in the first place!

Bob Dole3716d ago

If they're selling HDD's for 19.99 why tha hell do they cost $56.95 on amazon. They should just lower the price so it's cheap enough to compare to the prices of HDD's on the PS3... then again, they wouldn't have to do this if there was one standard in every system. Somebody's fired.

somethingSQUISHY3716d ago

What a deal?! I hope that was typed by fingers dripping with sarcasm. I just put a 320GB HDD in my PS3 for $110. That's about $0.35 a gig. MS, while normally raping consumers to the tune of $3.00 a gig for their propietary HDDs, has benevolently provided the option of purchasing a REFURBISHED 20 GB HDD for about $1.00/GB, still between 2 and 3 times as much as it should be.

I love my X360, but until they bring the price point of NEW HDDs into the more reasonable range of $0.50 to $0.75 a gig, you can count me out.

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Nowhere on that site does it say free 512MB card,this is fake!

SolidWarri0r3716d ago


It's RIGHT here, so hard to see, huh?


ravinshield3716d ago

thank you microsoft, thats why, we the costumers love you, FONY would never do something like that.

PirateThom3716d ago

So, I spend more and don't get a free memory card?

What the hell sort of bull is that?

GiantEnemyCrab3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

You have an HDD and can run the NXE so do you really need the memcard? Or are you just wanting it because someone else is getting it for free? You spent more but you knew exactly what you were getting so don't try and spin this as a negative because it just sounds greedy.

You can't expect MS to give everyone a free memcard just because.

PirateThom3716d ago

I have a Pro, I just want it because someone else is getting it free. Oh well, I can take solace in the fact I didn't buy a gimped console.

Gam713716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

how was it gimped?

The person buying it knew it didn't have a hard drive?
by your logic unless you bought one with 120GB you got a gimped machine as well.

unless ms knew they would have to do this before they released the arcade it doesn't equal gimped.
this sounds like they wanted to do something and not having a hdd as standard became a stumbling block so they've come up with a solution which has cost them.
doesn't mean the arcade was gimped in the first place just it wasn't enough for their upcoming plans.

and i agree about the arcade should never have existed. sounded good but this gen threw up a few things that ms didn't count on.

PirateThom3716d ago

The fact Microsoft have to now send out discount HDDs or free memory cards = gimped.

This isn't a shot at Microsoft, they've made the best of a bad situation and, in my books, have made the right choice, but the arcade should never have existed.

green3716d ago

Lol at you crying over spilt milk.

kewlkat0073716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Pirate nothing is GIMPED if it can be upgraded. It's like Options on a car or something.

You buy what you can afford and go with your options. That's the whole point of SKUs. IMO. They allow frugal gamers,some that have no intentions or care about all the hooplas in the consoles themselves but just wanna play games, to afford a console that does just that. Eventually if you have the cash you can buy the Extras(Though MS doesn't make it easy with it's prices until now with this deal)

Now when you get 2 different SKUs and one can do something the other will never be able to do(when it comes to the sole purpose of the device) then you have a gimped model. Every 360 plays the same games.

I think the Core Xbox 360 SKU and a $20 is not bad at all. Even if it is a gamer that have no plans to go online/have no broadband or just can't afford the Premium/Elite.

PirateThom3716d ago

I don't really care anyway, doesn't affect me. I do find it odd people are now running to the defence of the Arcade/Core.

Captain Tuttle3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

You sure post alot in threads involving things you don't care about.

ReBurn3716d ago

I don't see anything wrong with selling refurb hard drives through a special offer like that. It shows that Microsoft is at least trying to make NXE accessible to Core/Arcade owners. I have a Premium 360 with a 20GB hard drive that I bought before the Elite ever existed and it doesn't bother me at all that they're doing this. I feel no sense of entitlement. I'm just glad to see people catching a break.

stiggs3716d ago

"I just want it because someone else is getting it free." Do you even listen to yourself? That is so childish it's comical. What is wrong with you? You should be embarrassed for even thinking that way.

3716d ago
Time_Is_On_My_Side3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

What I think PirateThom might be getting at with the phrase "gimped" is because Microsoft has a console on the market that can't handle an update. In the end equals a gimped stock-keeping unit on the shelf because as soon as you go online you're going to need to update or stay off-line.

At least every stock-keeping unit Sony has can handle an update straight out of the box. It's like buying a computer for cheaper, but ultimately having to buy something else to actually use it. Yes you can actually upgrade, but your incentive to buying cheaper is almost out the window.

I buy something cheaper now I have to go online to get a cheaper hard drive. How is this going to be known mainstream when casual gamers buy the arcade model?

3716d ago
u got owned3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )


why did you have to bring up the PS3? this is a 360 thread (roll eyes)

darkequitus3716d ago

For a Xbox hater, you spend too much time trolling Xbox threads.

If NXE requires 128Mb but you can get 512MB card free at the very least, where is the gimp and cost you money there?

darkequitus:XBL/PSN/WoW/Xfire /Steam

Time_Is_On_My_Side3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Lol, I have an XBOX 360 and because I mentioned a PlayStation 3 it doesn't mean I'm off topic. As far as I know the PlayStation 3 is a video game console as well and I compared packaging. That's on topic, I could have mentioned at least cheap shoes come with laces still being on topic.

To Lambert my gamertag is Terminator TX3 and I'll own you in Halo 3 or Gears of War. So be prepared to be t-bagged online a lot, lol. Get it straight I'm a Sony Honey Badger not weasel.

I was trying to interpret PirateThom was stating when saying the XBOX 360 was gimped. If you buy the XBOX 360 Arcade model out of the box you can't even upgrade. You'll have to go on a website to get the storage devices or buy one at the store for full price. I brought up the PlayStation 3 stating that it has everything from the get go.

As far as I know Microsoft is competing with Sony so it's only natural to mention the two. Does it make sense to bring up wrestling when talking about Brock Lesnar in the Ultimate Fighting Companionship?

player9113716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

The Arcade CAN handle the new desktop. The arcade comes with everything it needs to download and install it. The issue is when gamers have their memory cards full from arcade games and demos...

But if you purchased an Arcade... and still use the included small memory card... then obviously you don't care much about hardcore gaming or new desktops.

Out of the box, the arcade comes with all the memory it needs to use the new XBE.

NOW aside from that, Microsoft is discounting the 20gb HDD for $20. Anyone who doesn't have a HDD now has the ability to comfortably afford a HDD.

This solves so many problems. Now developers shouldn't have to worry about making games without taking use of a Hard drive. Plus we all saw this coming when MS moved over to the 60gb models and selling the 20gb Pro bundles off cheap. Well now they're doing the same with the 20gb stock of refurbished parts. Big deal.

It's Win/Win/Win. Smart move MS. Now I suggest everyone without a HDD jump on this as I'm sure it won't last forever. Then everyone will have a harddrive and everyone will win.

N4Flamers3716d ago

no it doesnt make sense to talk about wrestling when youre talking about ultimate fighting. what the hell kind of conversations do you have.

Me: Hey should I buy a four cylinder car or a six cylinder car.
Friend: Buy the six man.
You: Buy a monster truck.
Me: Ummm ok are we out of Ritalin.

The topic 360 versus itself, or is MS ripping off people who bought the elite or pro. Hope that clarifies it, unless your getting paid for that ad space.

on topic. I have a near launch 360 and still have about 10 gigs on the hdd no i dont care if we give poor people a handout. MS can afford it.

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Lucas223716d ago

can you do this if you live in canada?

Crazywhitie3716d ago

I'm Pretty sure this is World Wide

Gam713716d ago

they keep acting like this and people might think they have a soul.