Top 10 Switch Exclusives (Year One) - Must-haves for Nintendo's hybrid

"It's hard to believe that the Switch has been out for a year already and I'm celebrating its birthday by counting down the best exclusives. There may be a few hidden gems here, too, so free up some memory and let's get to the games!" - A.J.

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Pookandpie198d ago

Fast: RMX and RXN: Raijin are extremely good Switch games that are full exclusives.

hardmankensington198d ago

Yono and the Celestial Elephants, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, Slime-san aren't exclusive to the Switch.

VideoChums198d ago

They are console exclusives which is what the list is about. Read: second paragraph.

Elda198d ago

This is why I haven't bought a Switch yet.Out of those 10 exclusives the only one I see interesting to play is Mario & XBC2.

michellelynn0976198d ago

I have lots for my Switch. You are missing out on some great games. But, it is your choice.

michellelynn0976198d ago

Xenoblade deserved to be no1. I still play that game a lot.