Klonoa Wii gameplay footage

Gamersyde reveals a new gameplay video of Wii's Klonoa : Door to Phantomile from TGS'08.

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DevastationEve3685d ago

Im getting a wii for this. Can't pass it up. Nope. Definitely getting a wii for this.

shazam3684d ago

i defo hated this game

MrWonderful3685d ago

i still have the psone version. and i put it on my psp. i loved this game back in the day.

blynx1823685d ago

it's stunning! The graphics are on par with Galaxy!

blynx1823685d ago

The particle effects (flower petals) are also good.

ChickeyCantor3685d ago

I love the art in this game!
Some things could have been different imo, but then again never played one of the the hell did i miss this?
Looks like oldschool fun =D

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