Dreaming of The Next Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild was an undeniable home run for Nintendo, but knowing the Big N, the next Zelda game could be anything: it could be ultra-similar to Breath of the Wild or it could take an extreme detour and surprise everybody. Dreaming of what the next Legend of Zelda could be is a grand exercise for the imagination.

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FallenAngel1984284d ago

I’m pretty sure the next Zelda will be 2D

3D Zelda games are very lengthy in development and Switch as a hybrid system has to have more titles in the series on it

wonderfulmonkeyman284d ago

I'd be okay with that, honestly.
It's been a while since our last serious 2D main-line Zelda title, though in all honesty I wouldn't mind a direct sequel to BotW.
Same map, only with new areas even further outside of it [possibly on that other continent we can see from some areas but can't actually reach], more music [love environmental stuff but I do miss actual music being used for overworld], and better bosses.
Also, more dungeons.
They can keep the mini-dungeons, but I want to see more traditional ones alongside the minis. I don't expect an equal balance as that would shorten content and lengthen dev time, but maybe around 10 or 15 of the big ones, with about a dozen smaller ones per big one, would be wonderful.

wonderfulmonkeyman284d ago

I love BotW's approach to overworld BGM by mostly letting the music of nature take over, but I do miss my overworld themes and the boss tracks felt uninspired, though not horrible.
I've dreamed up a far better remix for the Ganon fight alone, alongside a better scenario that wouldn't end with just shooting the big boar in the eye, and the music to accompany the remixed fight alongside it. [it's a shame I don't have a laptop that can handle the music program I'd need to create and share the track, at least...XD]

The combat was great, though. I'm re-doing my Master Mode playthrough right now just for fun and it's still as wonderful as it was the first time I did it.
If not more-so, now that I know I'm playing through ALL of the extra content alongside the vanilla game, back-to-back.
I even liked how they fixed the breakable weapons feature that would normally make an open-world game un-fun. It was balanced out very well and I've only heard unskilled whiners that quit shortly after The Great Plateau even raise a peep about it so far, outside of reviewers.

TallonIV284d ago

My dream Zelda would be open world like BOTW but in the style of OOT/Twilight Princess. Bring back proper dungeons as well.