Metal Gear Survive Review - Much More Than Expected [Wccftech]

"Despite the backlash from fans decrying that Metal Gear Survive isn't a true Metal Gear game, what's available in this $40 package is a hundred-plus hours of one of the most polished survival games to ever make it onto consoles.

Metal Gear Survive is a fitting end to a storied legacy that first began in the 8-bit era. While the connections to the proper Metal Gear mythos are tenuous at best, what’s hiding beneath the surface of Metal Gear Survive is one of the greatest titles in the survival genre to ever reach gamers’ hands. The online co-op missions have had me hooked for a week now and I am still finding new tools and strategies to fend off wanderers."

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ccgr285d ago

Will have to check this one out!

GamesMaster1982284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

A decent survival game just don’t go in expecting a new metal gear game and you will probably enjoy it like me . I’ve now finished story mode took about 27 hours so I’m happy with it . Can’t be arsed on multiplayer stuff as just not my thing , but yeah good while it lasted . Also as weirded as it sounds this game has actually made me want to try and get better at games like bloodbourne and nioh games I did not think I was into until this

chris235284d ago

ignoring such a title would have sent a signal. but why bother, right?