The Smackdown Countdown: William Regal

IGN Says: He's not worried about an energy crisis; he's got the Power of the Punch.

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DevastationEve3690d ago

Didn't he kiss someone's ass?

dj_funky3690d ago

yup.. he joined vince mcmahon's kiss my ass club.. LOL.

Jamegohanssj53690d ago

Yes he did, but he's still awesome. Keep in mind that Triple H kisses Vince's and Stephanie's ass.


bigrob1233690d ago

not sure why they've not updated his music to the eveil king like music he has now and he dos'nt prance about like that any more lol oh well i'll have to change his music and entrance

Jamegohanssj53690d ago

I'll just be changing his song. I also hate how they didn't give him is crucial one.